Friday 5: the college edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, the bird has flown the nest.

1. MusicMan has headed off to college… on the other side of the country.

2. The Onion has  tips on how to keep in touch.

3. Lucky for him, I do have a life, which means I don’t have time for stalking him.  (But go ahead and click the link above, it is classic Onion.)

4. Four minus one really does equal three.

5. There’s an empty spot at our dinner table. 😦

16 responses to “Friday 5: the college edition

  1. That moment that you realize they are GONE is very strange, isn’t it? Like, hey! Where did 18 years of my life just go?!

  2. Awe, I feel for you! I know it will be strange, but believe it or not, eventually you do get used to it. Stay busy, that helps!

  3. That day one first goes off to college is a pretty exciting day. The day one realizes they now have to do their own laundry, get themselves up every morning and keep all their own stuff organized? Not so much. haha

  4. There you are.

    When each of my two oldest daughters left for college, it was like someone took a piece missing out of my chest. The sting is lessened by watching them grow in their independence, education, and joy, but dang it still stings. That’s why I’m going to go to college with Laura.

  5. awww, honey…hang in there!

  6. Congrats I must say. You know mom’s never ever get over the fact that their kids aren’t home any longer LOL Boy now the fun really starts 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂

  7. Sadly, that is what you raised him to do. Which is healthier for everyone. Christmas will be here before you know it though.

  8. That Onion thing is a riot! I loved it.

  9. He will be fine – it is tough on you though. As for our 14 year old – I was very uncertain about the whole boarding school thing – but the school is so much better than what we have where we live and watching him bloom has been a joy – something about having to study every night – but with his mates – has suited him very well. Doesn’t stop me feeling like a part of me is missing though …

  10. That one less dinner plate does always feel a little off.

    Very funny Onion piece!

  11. Ohhhhhhh KarRen! Are you okay? The amazing thing about the first one leaving is that we DO survive it – BECAUSE 4 minus one still leaves 3! (thank God!) It’s when the last one leaves that things get really tough… but if you’re BLESSED, there’s a GRANDBABY by then!!!

  12. Oh My God. I remember what it was like for us. This really is the moment – this is when they go. You can’t turn back.
    Now ours is back for the summer, but in a month off he goes to England for Grad School.

    Hints – follow his Facebook page. Call him regularly. Watch the activity of his ATM (if it’s a joint account, of course.) Remind him to do things like pay the utility bills.

  13. Stay strong sister. I have found texting to be an effective means of communication in that I don’t have to hear the frustration in my kid’s voice if I’m calling too often.

  14. Hugs to you! And I am glad I have many years to go until Emma leaves the nest.

  15. Hang in there! It gets easier. And harder. But that place at the table: the hardest part about the empty spot is that it fills up with papers and books and junk mail and other random items and then when the kids come home…. never mind.

  16. I was thinking about you as I dropped Critter off at college yesterday. So far it’s still a little hard to believe that she’s not here in her bed, just sleeping in. I think reality will hit sometime this week, when the bathroom stays as clean as I left it and there are no extra dishes cluttering up the kitchen counter…