Friday 5: Teasers

Just to tide you over until I can get back to blogging regularly, here are 5 pictures from our vacation — one from each day:

I’m still slowly working on those vacation posts but I also have pesky duties like cleaning the house, buying school supplies, and making dinner. Next week is Newsletter Week… please be patient with me!

8 responses to “Friday 5: Teasers

  1. Don´t worry, we will be here when you get back to blogging. Love the pictures. Especially the one with the boys. They are really getting “up there”, aren´t they?

  2. Great shots! Love the first one.

  3. Lovely shots and the new header is beautiful. You take your time, we’ll be here.

  4. Of COURSE we will be patient! I can tell already you guys had a GREAT time!

  5. You mean you let pesky little duties get in the way of blogging? For shame!!! LOL All excellent photos my friend. I really like them all 🙂

  6. Oh, man. How beautiful that first photo is. What promise – the boardwalk to….whereever.

  7. We are not having an August newsletter. The deadline came and went. I have one article. One. I told the church secretary, this month we have a post card.

    That first pic up there is stunning. The colors in the third one really pop and that sunset is lovely. I hope you didn’t fry your eye taking it. It almost hurt to look at the photograph!