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Vacation, day 2: Chincoteague!

Planning around weather can be a bit tricky this time of year in the mid-Atlantic region. A storm is nearly always in the forecast, so the goal is figuring out where the storm is expected to be and where you can go to avoid it.  The original plan for the day was to rent kayaks at the local state park, but when SuperDad looked up the weather report on his BlackBerry, we decided to postpone that activity; instead, we loaded up and headed for the beach at Chincoteague.

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Playing in the hot sun and the rough surf is exhausting.
Luckily, there was plenty of time to relax.

There was time to build sand castles…

…and to observe the constant battle of man vs. nature.

After 3 hours at the beach, we were all ready for a late lunch in town. On our way back out to the island after eating, I noticed a sign about mosquitoes but didn’t have time to read it. (Hey, I was driving!) I hadn’t thought about mosquitoes at the beach; the breeze had been steady enough to keep the bugs away. But there was no ocean breeze on our 2 short hikes and I still have some welts on my back to prove it!
Mosquitoes and I have a long history of one-sided attraction vs. my strong reaction. I’m still waiting for a bug spray strong enough to keep them away from me.

The famous Chincoteague ponies

The ponies in the photograph above as seen through my camera’s zoom setting.
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The view below is how close we actually were (look for the 2 specks in the right top quadrant) but SnakeMaster still happily posed.

At this rather anti-climatic point, we decided to call it a day, loaded back up, and stopped for ice cream on our way back to our home base.