Musical Monday: Farewell to Summer

There was a cloudy streak across the starry sky last night, but it wasn’t clouds at all; it was the Milky Way. The neighbors were using their fire pit and I could hear the sounds of laughter from children and adults.

It was the final night of summer.

7 responses to “Musical Monday: Farewell to Summer

  1. One of my favorite songs, ever.

  2. I had all but forgotten about this song. I love it. And so appropriate 🙂

  3. I LOVE that song! WE were celebrating the end of summer with some music too! But this is really FESTIVAL season in DC — so the end is not quite here yet!

  4. A great song. And a great way to spend the last night of summer. Sigh!

  5. I just wrote a really, great big long comment here about my last day of Summer, then, I spell checked it, fixed a couple of typos, and closed the window — without posting the comment. That should give you some indication of how my day has been. I did love your song though, it had me dancing!

  6. This song represents one of the most powerful memories from my childhood. Even now, I’ll get a happy chill down to the base of my spine as the opening bars begin to echo through my ears.

    Don Henley was and is an incredible songwriter who can not only reflect the moments in our lives that matter most, but also burn them irrevocably in our individual and collective memory.

    Thanks for sharing yours here, too. What a lovely way to end the season.

  7. Such mixed feelings about the end of summer. Most of them, though, are good.