First Day of School

SnakeMaster, 5th grade

Humorous-Juniorous, 9th grade

Encyclopedia Blue, 12th grade

And now yesterday’s song makes me feel a little weepy…

7 responses to “First Day of School

  1. Oh WOW! I don’t know why … but I didn’t realize that this was EB’s last year! I’m surprised you’re not an emotional wreck! One started college this year, and one is finishing HS this year… maaaaannnnnnnnn! I’m PROUD of you!!!
    (and not to mention one finishing elementary this year… and one starting HS!) So many firsts and lasts your head will be spinning!

    • And this from the woman who raised TWINS!!

      Emotional wreck? Nah, I’m too busy for that.
      Financial wreck? I’m trying not to think about that right now!

      Two freshman: one in college, one in high school
      Two “seniors”: one in high school, one in grade school

  2. All I can think is ‘better you than me’ The boys all look very handsome though!

  3. I am so impressed your oldest son posed for a picture–I got a resounding “no way” from my two seniors–my son and my exchange student.

  4. Good luck to them all with school this year. They don’t have to wear uniforms? Most schools here the kids all have to wear a school shirt at least.

  5. Do you know what I love? That you really do have those yellow school buses that we only see in the movies here in Oz !!!!

  6. They must be well behaved kids to allow the first day of school pics. Most kids start balking right about the age of your youngest.