Daily Archives: September 9, 2010

Is there an acronym for STUFF?

I confess that I have a lot of STUFF. Some of it is pure clutter (hello, paperwork!) and some of it is tied up with memories.  I have 4 kids and they all present me with STUFF that at least one of us finds important  (okay, I am usually the only one who thinks it’s important) and that means space for storage. Like a typical American, I then trot off to purchase storage bins… or maybe I just use the packing boxes leftover from our last move.

What if there was another way?
Enter a new concept, which is actually more of a throwback to how people used to live: Tiny houses. Less space.

Here’s a picture of one (click on the picture for the link).

And yet I cry out, “But–what about my STUFF?!”

For example,  I have a couple of hobbies which I enjoy, including traditional scrapbooking.  I enjoy the creativity involved in putting together our family albums.  Some people would call that clutter.  Someday I might switch over to digital scrapbooking, but I have “invested” money in all these supplies on my shelves that need to be used first. Apparently I accumulate supplies exponentially faster than I actually use them, which may or may not be an illusion. Perhaps they simply multiply like mice when left alone together? Whatever the case, I’ve been noticing that my beading and card-making supplies are paying attention…

I was intrigued by this article about wants, needs, down-sizing and happiness. That quickly led to reading up on The Joy of Less. I am not a minimalist, but I admit there are many advantages to the lifestyle discussed in these articles. Conspicuous consumption may have a glossy exterior, but there is ugliness at its core. If you have never seen it, or if it has been a long time, please also click here to watch The Story of STUFF.

What makes you happy?
(Besides family and friends, of course. )
Your home? Your belongings? Your job? Your activities?
Do any of those things tie you down or hold you back from what you want to be?  What if you had to give some of it up?