Imagination Transportation

October 2009 in my backyard

I’m not sure how it happened — if I clicked on a free offer, or if someone secretly gifted me — but I’ve been receiving Yankee magazine in the mail  for the past few months. The current issue has tips on the best places to view the famous fall colors.  I thumb through each issue multiple times, yearning to experience life there in New England as I am seeing it with covered bridges, salt-box houses and red barns.  And for those few minutes a day, I am transported.


9 responses to “Imagination Transportation

  1. I’ve had the good fortune of spending a couple of autumn seasons in northern Massachusetts and it was breathtaking. Of course it’s beautiful hear in southern Ontario too but there was something about the charm of small town New England that made it all the more spectacular.

  2. i will have to send you pictures, i think we will have a spectacular fall here in ct!! if i have time i will go up to cornwall and take a picture of the covered bridge with fall leaves around it!

  3. I am your secret gifter of the Yankee magazine! Glad you’re enjoying it – and that you’re getting away for a few minutes, even if is is only in your imagination! I was in the Laurentide Provincial Reserve in Quebec in the fall once and the colors were very beautiful there, too, but my favorite place for fall color is still in the mountains near Leavenworth, Washington! Love those vibrant red vine maples!

  4. I can see why you enjoy it so. What a place to get away to if only for a little while. 🙂

  5. that is one thing i miss, being down here – NJ isn’t quite new england, but we do still have better fall colors than DC metro 😛

  6. I too have always been a bit jealous of the maples in the east. We did drive Ontario to Nova Scotia one September (with a bit of Vermont, NY, and Maine thrown in) and it was beautiful! (and back through New Brunswick and Quebec) Still, I wish for a bit more red in Alberta in the fall.

  7. I don’t think any fall foliage can compete with maples… said by someone who shoots pictures of the fall colours in northern Sweden daily. Believe me – I know all about being transported by looking at pictures!

  8. Ain’t it great? I travel that way too… not with that magazine… but others!