In which I turn into a housecat

It happened when I was talking with my 11-year-old about things he hoped to someday see or do. I reached into my brain for an example and… came up with nothing. Not only was I lacking a list, I couldn’t even find the bucket!

Am I destined for a life of contented napping, purring, and walking in and out of the house countless times a day?
Or can you all help me with some ideas from your own bucket lists?

8 responses to “In which I turn into a housecat

  1. Just start with the Seven Wonders and work from there. And maybe visit birthplaces (and final resting places) of famous people like authors or politicians or whatever.

  2. How about visiting blog-friends?

  3. haha! i don’t think i have a bucket, either. should i? i’m going to have to come poach ideas from your comments as well… 🙂

    anything i can think of involves traveling, ha. see the pyramids, go to southeast asia, etc…

  4. How many countries would he like to visit? Has he ever read about a place he wished he could see in person? Etc.

  5. I think my bucket has a hole in it 😉 (Dear Liza) I’ve been spelunking, just to be able to say I’ve done it.
    How about ride the London Eye?
    Visit the dinosaurs at Drumheller’s Royal Tyrell museum in AB and then see the hoodooos?

    I think that about exhausts my imagination for today.

  6. LOL…I don’t do bucket lists…I just take the days as the come and what happens happens. 🙂 Have a great Friday 🙂

  7. Mine are evolving to include kayaking in all sorts of cool locales.

  8. I think LUNCH again with MELLI should rank somewhere in the top ten!