Got pie?

In answer to Wednesday’s puzzler

It’s a “pi day” shirt. Every March 14th (3.14) the secondary schools that my boys have attended celebrate “pi day” — they get extra credit if they bring in round desserts: pie, cookies, etc. At their current high school, someone designs a shirt which they sell in advance to be worn that special day. The mathematical sentence reads: “i 8 sum pi” and on the back there is a cartoon figure of the math department head eating pie and saying, “I ate some pie!”

Congratulations to suburbancorrespondent and Thom — both of whom clearly surpass me in mathematics.

9 responses to “Got pie?

  1. Okay, not I get it. But, I’m still confused. LOL!

  2. I got it about an hour after I posted, but by then someone had it on facebook, so I didn’t come back. Cute idea and a good way to reinforce higher mathematics on the kids.

  3. Not being fluent in math – I don’t get it… But if you say that’s what it means, I’ll take you on your word.

  4. Lucky Guess on my part LOL 🙂 Congrats to Suburbancorrespondent as well 🙂

  5. Cute idea–we do extra credit for pie on Pi day, too.

  6. Well now I’m just craving cherry pie. 😉

  7. holy cow… you could have given me a lifetime and i’d never have come up with that! 🙂

  8. How CUTE! We always acknowledged pi day – but never really CELEBRATED it! I LOVE this!!!

  9. awesome…

    love the cute image.