For that, I am thankful

The weather here can’t quite decide what to do. We had some lovely fall weather recently, with daytime temperatures in the low 80’s  (about 28C) and nights that were pleasantly cool. The air conditioner had been resting comfortably. That changed yesterday when our weather reverted to summer behavior and humid 90+ temps (32C). I might have been grouchy, but we had the loveliest storm whip through with MUCH-needed rain and even some exciting marble-sized hail stones.  (I was lucky; the hail didn’t begin until I was safely parked in the garage.) As an added bonus, my car got a free washing since I was driving home when the storm hit.

How about you? What are you thankful for today?

8 responses to “For that, I am thankful

  1. Sunshine! We have been getting very cold (enough to frost and a skiff of snow) temperatures for the last week or so. They say this will last about a week, so I hope to get the garden taken care of before it quits. Of course, that will delay the painting, but, such is life.

  2. It’s amazing what weather can do. Our weather here sucks right now. The Trades aren’t blowing at all and it’s hotter than hell and just miserable. The humidity seems likes it’s 1,000,000%. It’s just nasty and there is no relief in site through Sunday they say. Talk about not being in a good mood LOL 🙂

  3. Gah. Not the stinkbugs, that’s for sure…

  4. I heard a rumor we’re going to have a summer starting this weekend. Just after I’d made up my mind that I could live without one this year!

  5. Mixed bag here as well. Cool one day and hot and rainy the next. No hail though–glad your vehicle was parked away safely.

  6. We had a pre-warming these days too. The temp. went up to 42°C/109F this week, but luckily it cooled down again yesterday. Just a little warning of what is to come this summer…. 🙂

  7. Today (Saturday) I’m thankful for a nice day when I got to take a loooong walk, because I did all the chores last night!

  8. MUCH! Come catch up when ya get a chance!

    I have been enjoying the fluctuating weather though… and the rainy day today was JUST what the doctor ordered!