Weekend Reflections: End of Summer

First, one is lulled into a sense of peace and well-being. Roses are still blooming, but the temperatures begin to cool and life is good.

…And then they arrive en-masse…


How many do you see in this photo?

10 responses to “Weekend Reflections: End of Summer

  1. Is this a trick question? LOL I see 7 🙂 Beautiful rose my friend. 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. You’ll be glad to get out of the house today!

  3. Okay I’m back. Now i see 10…Why oh why didn’t i biggen this in the first place LOL 🙂

  4. Seven on one side of the window, three on the other. Gross! You can have them!

  5. Well, now that Quilly told me I see 10 for sure–they’re even grosser from the underside.

  6. Lovely rose and the cloud reflection is pretty. I am denying there are any bugs to intrude on my viewing pleasure. 😉

  7. ARRGGHHHHH THE STINKBUGS. my screens look identical – absolutely ALIVE with the foul things. which my cats then enjoy battering about if they make it INSIDE, which of course makes them release their stink, which attracts more stinkbugs…. 😛

  8. Yick! What are stinkbugs?

  9. I see 7 – are there mOre? Didn’t you have an invasion last year too? I have seen sOMe around… but I don’t feel like I’m being infested… yet.

  10. 7 + 3. The ones outside are stealthy buggers 🙂

    If I wasn’t reflective already, this entry confirmed that change-of-season feeling that’s been creeping into my psyche this past week. Lower temperatures, falling leaves, autumn winds…summer really is over.

    New Thematic theme is, hopefully, a little less melancholy. “Parallel”. Hope you’ve got something!