(attempting) a look back at summer

The Muffed Target
is hosted by Thom each Tuesday.

This is one of those pictures that was “ruined” by someone walking into the shot… but I decided to keep it because the bright color of the water mattress worked to frame out the boys at the water’s edge.

I’m still trying to remember to not delete every muffed picture!

What is bright and interesting at your place today?


9 responses to “(attempting) a look back at summer

  1. Green is my favorite color, I would have kept it, too! 😉

  2. Oh quite the contrary, KC. I think it makes the shot. It gives you distance perspective, colour, angles and pizzazz. I’m glad you kept it.

  3. its a pretty dreary day here, but i do have a bright yellow fake butterfly over my desk that brightens up the office a bit!!

    i love the green in your shot!

  4. I like your question! And it tough to answer, because it is grey and raining here today. I think you just inspired me to find something bright and interesting by the end of the day!

  5. Oh! I forgot about muffed target day! I kept one JUST for this purpose too! I guess I’ll go add it!

  6. Well if that’s ruined I would hate to see a good one! LOL. I see what you mean when you do want something like that in the photo. Glad you are keeping them. Thanks for playing. 🙂 I appreciate it.

  7. I think the boys make the shot. It looks just like summer at the beach!

  8. You might have been miffed at the time, but I don’t think the shot got muffed 😉

  9. The pink blankie I’m snuggling under as I do master’s work.

    I like the bright green, too.