Friday 5: Why I love Fall

The weather yesterday had me feeling deliriously happy.   Fall is my favorite season, and I just can’t get enough of it this week, so I thought I’d share 5 reasons why I think Autumn is terrific:

1. The air is cooler, so the sunshine actually feels good instead of making me hot and sweaty.

2. The smell of wood smoke and fall leaves is nearly intoxicating.

3. The cool breezes mean that I can wear sweatshirts (also see #1).
I love a cozy hoodie.

4. My kids’ fall activities (cross country meets and marching band competitions) are fun to watch and I love cheering them on.  I have a cowbell and I know how to use it!

5. Taking a walk before bedtime with my husband is one of my favorite ways to spend time with him. It’s like a mini-date. On nights like last night, I wished we were camping — the breeze was refreshingly cool and the stars were startling clear. We’ve been able to see the Milky Way several times in the past few weeks.

photo found on Google Images and is credited to Tony on the following forum:

11 responses to “Friday 5: Why I love Fall

  1. I love fall too. My list looks like your. Plus football!

  2. I can so smell that. Those eLks sound wonderful. Five great things about autumn my friend.

  3. I’m with you!
    The older I get, the less I can handle the heat and a walk looking at the stars is fantastic! (Just wish I had someone to accompany me…)

  4. Oh, my favourite time of year too! The colours the breezes, the clarity of the air. The perfect sleeping temps! Once we’ve had a good frost, no mosquitoes!

  5. It’s the next best season to summer.. I’ll give it that.

  6. Those are 5 excellent reasons to love the fall, I am especially fond of Cross Country meets, there is nothing better than running on a cool crisp morning with the leaves changing all around you! I ran in High School and College and as soon as the weather starts changing I know it’s time to run!

  7. I love the scents of Fall — especially at dusk when people start lighting their wood stoves. That smells like my childhood and means comfort and security.

  8. I love hoodies, too–and now they’re making them even more stylish so you can still wear them and not feel sloppy.

  9. I am starting to have a finer appreciation for Fall than I’ve had in the past. The older I get the more summer heat and humidity is getting to me… so yea… I’m starting to understand the pleasure of the outside world on a cool autumn day! Glad you’re enjoying it!

    I like a hoodie in WINTER. Not so much in fall…

  10. I always think autumn is my favorite season ,until the trees are bedecked with blossom and new green and then I think spring is!!

  11. I too wonder what they have for Thanksgiving Dinner” in Canada!…love your hubby’s photo!