Happy Weekend

When I saw this picture that my husband took last weekend, I knew it was too good not to share!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend~

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! and Happy Columbus Day (or as most think of it, happy 3-day weekend) to my friends in the USA.  My husband actually has 4 days off, so we (mostly the masculine form of “we” ) are working on some home improvement projects. Also in my corner of the world, we have the homecoming football game and the town-wide tag sale today.
What do you have planned?
If you are Canadian, what do you eat for Thanksgiving dinner?


14 responses to “Happy Weekend

  1. I have rest planned. I have been so sick this week and every time I feel better I go out and get sick all over again. Today I feel better and I am doing NOTHING other than rest. And laundry I guess because my new dryer is coming this afternoon.

  2. My husband actually gets a ONE day weekend this week – just like always. The Union doesn’t get Columbus Day off. And he always works Saturdays. Eh. I just got done pedaling… but other than that it’s just minute by minute around here today.

  3. Pretty much the same as you have for Thanksgiving. Turkey (gag), spuds, a variety of casseroles, pumpkin pie, fresh veggies. We just don’t have left-overs all the way to Christmas, only until about your Thanksgiving 😉 Of course the friends that I spend holiday meals with are in Jasper this weekend, so our turkey (gag) will be on Tuesday. Maybe this will mean we won’t have turkey (gag) again at Christmas this year 😉

    I will be painting – still.

  4. My weekend?
    Working with Lions Int’l on Saturday (check), east spring rolls for supper (check), visit the museum and see how -R- is doing (Sunday) and help with the clean-up after the Market (Sunday).
    Not exactly life in the fast lane…

  5. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE that sign!

  6. Pffft…they took away this holiday for us. We have none in October any longer…Sad so sad…I love to celebrate Christopher Columbus LOL I mean would we be here if it weren’t for him? LOL Love the photo. Have fun on the home improvements. If it were me they’d be hired out and I’d be playing all weekend LOL 🙂

  7. OH yeah…And I have to work. PFFFT!!!!

  8. That sign is hilarious!

    Thanks for the T’giving wishes and Happy Columbus Day/weekend to you.

    My son is in town and I’m having my boys, their Dad, one of his cousins and one of mine over for a turkey dinner. They’re also be potatoes, brussels sprouts, butternut squash, cranberry sauce and gravy for dinner. Pumpkin pie and cherry pie for dessert. My mouth is already watering.

  9. For us Monday will be business as usual. Since Amoeba has a pending business trip, he can’t afford too much down time at work. He can’t just stay “caught up” he needs to “get ahead” — pretty hard to do when one works with live organisms. All-in-all, this is just a normal weekend.

  10. Planned? its gorgeous out, but I am working 🙂 Which as you know, is my favorite! have a good holiday KC!

  11. Is this a holiday weekend? Not around here, apparently. Mostly the masculine form of “we”.. ha ha!!!

    [Oh, in case you don’t remember me because I haven’t stalked in so long it’s me. Farmer*sWife.] 🙂

  12. Hmmm, well, I went to work then did laundry. I ate pretzels with spicy hummus. Does that count as a holiday?

  13. Your husband has an amazing sense of humor. I like him even more than I did before!

    Thank you for your kind wishes for our daughter. We’re very touched by the outpouring of kindness from everyone in the blogosphere. We’re surrounded by goodness, and that’s certainly helped us raise her into the young lady she’s become.

    We don’t generally do the turkey thing because we just don’t like turkey. But my wife’s big on being together at dinner. So tonight we went to the kids’ fave restaurant and let someone else cook for a change 🙂