Muffed Target: perspective

The Muffed Photo Meme is sponsored by Thom and can be found every Tuesday (actually usually as early as Monday afternoon) on his blog, Thom’s Place 4 Well, Whatever.  This meme really fits in his “well whatever” category:

Each Tuesday post a completely crazy, messed up photo — one you would normally delete. The subject matter isn’t important — did you take a picture of your thumb? The lens cap? The wrong half of great Aunt Betty? (Really, she usually has a head …) Or perhaps you’ve got a shot of your own nose hairs taken while you were trying to determine why the flash wasn’t working. Whatever your photo goof is, we want to see it!
It's all in your perspective...

I’m still training myself to stop deleting every single “bad” photo. After all, it’s hard to play this game (meme) with a GOOD picture!

This muffed target occurred  when I was trying to get a shot of a little girl dancing close to her mama, but right as I snapped the picture, a wine bottle was passed in between the bluegrass baby and my camera.

10 responses to “Muffed Target: perspective

  1. Oh, golly, I’d have a ton of these photos!!

  2. ROFLAMO!!! Is the girl tiny or the bottle just big LOL I think this happens more than what we know or care to think about 🙂 Great shot. Thanks for playing. Much appreciated 🙂

  3. I like!

  4. Perfect placement of the bottle!

  5. lol that second picture is totally funny! She looks likes she’s trying to dive into the bottle LOL!

  6. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad I came here to see yours! This is too funny! It looks she’s worshipping . . . something!

    You mentioned our marching band. My son isn’t in HS yet — but his motivation to play football is that he won’t have to be in the marching band (since he’ll be in symphonic band for HS next year and the rules are you HAVE to march . . . unless you play football!) Ha ha! I loved marching band but when I say that he looks at me and says, “yeah, but you’re a girl.” I think I’m supposed to be offended but I just laugh.

  7. LOL Unpredictable things happen when on a photo hunt. Gotta agree to the previous comment that the bottle placement was right on top. I have to stop myself from deleting all these muffed targets, too. Thanks for the caring comment on my post. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful week 🙂

  8. Blue grass music and wrapped booze bottles just seem to go together — so do great shots and idiots who just have to get in the way. You had the misfortune of encountering both at the same time. Double whammy!

  9. Oh too funny. I delete a load of this sort of thing.

  10. I love it! LOL! When I first saw it, I thought it was a pair of white underwear! Usually this kind of thing happens when you are photographing an outdoor concert and people walk in front of you. Would have been a cute shot! : )