Preparing for Halloween

SnakeMaster begins his Halloween preparations nearly a year in advance. This year he has 3 options for dressing up, but a few weeks ago, this was the favorite:

See the homemade "knife" and sheath? This kid is creative!


15 responses to “Preparing for Halloween

  1. I hope he enjoys himself. He really is creative!

  2. You gotta love a kid that makes his own costume!

    Emma’s doesn’t cost a thing this year…we borrowed half of it from our neighbor, and the rest she had already.

  3. Thanks for popping over to my place. Hilary is the best, isn’t she? Happy Halloween!

  4. It’s easy to see where he gets the creative gene from!

    Thank you for your comment re. Zach’s driving. You struck a nerve in me – a common thing for you, I know – because I, too, had an early car accident experience that colored my future driving career.

    I was only 14, a passenger in a car being driven by my sister. She was lighting a cigarette and fiddling with the radio as we got up to speed on the highway. So occupied was she that she failed to appreciate the underpass we were approaching, and the huge expanse of black ice it hid (early April in Quebec…lots of freeze-thaw then.)

    She panicked as we went over the ice and slammed the brakes. The car spun out of control and bounced off of two concrete walls before landing, destroyed, in the middle of the three-lane highway. The cops were incredulous when they showed up that we had walked away with cuts, bumps and bruises and little else.

    Ever since, I’ve had a fundamental respect for the laws of automotive physics and the incredible responsibility of being behind the wheel. Haven’t had any accidents or moving violations, either…I guess I’m just a boring old guy at the wheel 🙂 So be it.

  5. He is super creative!!

  6. Happy Halloween! Then there is something about cooking a turkey and a fat guy in a red suit and then Happy New Year!! ;-P

  7. WOOT!!! I’m going to contract him out next year to do my costume LOL 🙂 Excellent

  8. Love it!
    In some ways I do miss a “real” Halloween – here it’s only become in vogue in the last 6-8 years or so and that’s only because merchants have found one more way to bilk money out of people. Most people don’t even know why they are getting dressed up, or what “trick or treat” is all about.

  9. wow, that looks so cool laid out on the bed!

  10. wow, nice!! i want to see the other 2 options now too… 🙂

  11. OH GOSH, Boo to you too!

  12. That is great, maybe he will be a costume designer for the movies one day! Love the pumpkin 😉

  13. I love when kids put their own costumes together–way better than all store bought.

  14. LOL! Love the pumpkin! You know… our Luz is the most girliest GIRL that ever lived… but when it comes to Halloween… well… LAST year she was a PIRATE. And THIS year she’s going to be a NINJA! I guess it’s good that she enjoys trying on all sorts of persona… I guess….

    Looks like SM has his get up ALL together! He IS creative! I LOVE it!

  15. Oh hey, he is creative! Hire him out to a community theater. They need people with his talents!