Sanity? I’ll rally for that!

A look ahead and a look back (because it is taking all kinds of craziness to put together a post today)…

1. I’m headed into The City tomorrow for a chance to take pictures and step out of my comfort zone.  My 19yo son thinks we are crazy (“you’ve never talked politics”  “DAD is going?!?”). While it’s true that neither parent is politically oriented,  the poor boy didn’t think his dad had ever been to a concert (he has) and wondered why the man would go and put himself in a big crowd of people.  MusicMan’s image of his parents has been shattered.
At least the 14yo approves of our “Indecision 2010” activity!

2. At 9:30pm last night, I was helping SnakeMaster sew and use a glue gun.  After all, isn’t that what you are supposed to do with green tomatoes, sticks, and cucumbers? This is the result:

Bill the Lizard

That stuffed cloth thing on the end? It’s his tail. Be nice. I didn’t design it, I just followed my instructions given by a 5th grader.

3. Today, SnakeMaster is wearing his father’s old military uniform for the elementary school parade.

4. This is what he wore for Scouts on Wednesday night. He designed the cape from old, worn-out jeans and the sword is his own creation as well:

5. This is our peak weekend for color, although the wind has already blown some of the leaves off the trees.

Enjoy your weekend!


10 responses to “Sanity? I’ll rally for that!

  1. have fun at the rally! Love the pics of the boys 🙂

  2. I really have to hold back my comment about Bill the Lizard. 🙂 But I´ll be nice. I can tell he´s still so innocent.
    Love the costume he made for himself! Very creative.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. Oh have fun at the rally. Looking forward to hearing your repor(t).

    That lizard looks like he’s been to planned parenthood meetings. 😉

  4. ROFLMBO!!! That youngest of yours is a bloomin’ riot! After reading Betty’s comment, I’m thinking it’s a good thing THOM is NOT around!!! HE would not hold his tongue…

    How is it, that I, the Queen Mum of INSANITY PREVAILS, was NOT invited to this rally??? Must be they know that I’m a LOST CAUSE!!! … honestly… i had heard nothing about this… … … ??? *shakes head*

  5. Oh dear. Holding tongue. Biting it in fact. Since I saw Bill the Lizard before you explained him, I was boggling over what he was a project for … surely not health class?! I feel much better now — and hope wherever Bill the Lizard is going there are people with equal restraint or your child will return home a lot less innocent than he was when he left.

  6. I can’t wait to hear how it went in D.C.

    That face in #4 is very other-worldly–perfect for the costume.

  7. Ah, what I would have given to have been there. Been following the coverage very closely from my Canadian perch, and it’s done my heart some good. Maybe there is still some sanity and rationality left in the world.

    Can’t wait to hear your take on it!

  8. well of course Superdad has never been to a concert, nor have my parents ever had intercourse 😉 There was the time the bed broke, but I’m sure they were just jumping on it!

    Great talent your Snake Master is showing!

  9. man, how insane was it at the rally?! i’m glad i went, though! hope you enjoyed it as well 🙂