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Gentle strength and bird brains

I am thankful today for my husband. Actually, I’m thankful for him every day, but today I will share this short video to give you a view of his gentle strength as he frees a bird tangled in the garden netting.

Please pardon my hoarse voice. I’ve been hacking and coughing for the past 5 days. I imagine the sap-sucker/woodpecker was a bit hoarse after this ordeal, too!

My sincere thanks to Hilary at The Smitten Image for giving me this honor.


Snapshot of my morning

Names have been changed to protect the — ….who am I kidding?!

—–Original Message—–
From: kcinnova
To: SuperDad
Subject: EB was required to wear a dress shirt, tie, and slacks today


After suffering through 2 arguments about dress clothes, EB ate
breakfast, put in the last derogatory word, and got out the door in time
to catch the bus. He even wore black shoes and socks! (I was NOT arguing
over the footwear — I told him that if his black shoes didn’t fit, go
ahead and wear his running shoes.)

His tie remains untied, but hopefully someone will help him out or at
least he will tie a knot in it haphazardly. I couldn’t do much about the
lint he’d already managed to get all over his [BRAND NEW] black pants.

(“Dress clothes are impractical,” said EB.)
(“Vacuum your room more often,” retorted the mother.)

He looked very nice, and I told him so! But sorry, no picture: that
would have created another argument. I’d like to know whose idea it was
to have the athletes dress up whenever they have a home meet.
His preferred choice of khaki pants and a short-sleeved button-down
plaid shirt would have pleased us both and saved us from the arguments.
(Bonus: the lint wouldn’t have shown so badly)


Note to self: buy the kid a L/S shirt and tie combo that works well with
khaki pants.

From: SuperDad
To: kcinnova
Re: EB was required to wear a dress shirt, tie, and slacks today

I love and support both of you kind, gentle, people.

Clearly, SuperDad has a firm grasp on irony. EB and I butt heads more often than bighorn rams. For an accurate picture, hit replay multiple times.

Weekend in 12 words or less

Town-wide Tag Sale

Candlestick, $10

Farmers Market


Hunting Stinkbugs

Warning: incorrect ingredients

8 questions


Melli, Ella, and me


I was over at Melli‘s blog and saw that she had written 8 questions, just for the taking. 😛  She will be surprised, perhaps, to discover that I am one of those folks who hadn’t seen the 8-question meme and was thrilled to be given 8 questions!  Of course, it took me a while to get on the ball and answer them…

So on the off chance that one of you might NOT have been tagged with this already and might actually be wishing that someone would give you 8 questions… (yea… right!) … here they are… JUST for you!

1. If you could do ONE thing, anything… big or little… to make the world a better place, what would it be? And why?
I’d like to have everyone spend a day in his or her enemy’s shoes (figuratively speaking). Perhaps then, people would have more compassion for one another instead of being so quick to judge or hate.

2. If you had to survive a natural disaster, which kind would you choose?
I’ve “missed out” on experiencing the effects of 2 natural disasters: the Nisqually Quake of 2001 and the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. I was living in Washington State 30 years ago, but all I heard and felt was a great big BOOM at 8:32am on May 18th. Many folks were covered by a foot of the powdery gray fallout, but we only received a dusting of the ash. And in 2001, I was living in Texas and only heard about the earthquake from my Seattle relatives. Given a choice between the 2, I’d take the earthquake.

3. What do you think is the MOST amazing thing about the human brain?
Well… I don’t know that it is the MOST amazing thing, but I find it pretty amazing that there are so many functions taking place in our bodies that we don’t have to THINK about in order to do –breathing comes to mind here– and yet our super-computer brain keeps those functions running.

4. If Crayola asked you to name THIS COLOR, what would you call it? Please don’t say orange. Be creative!
That color would definitely be called PUMPKIN!

5. What is the longest you’ve ever procrastinated doing something and what is that something?
Oh, so many things! I am an A-1 procrastinator. Right now I’ve got a growing pile of shirts that need ironing. The last time I finally ironed, I discovered that my kids had outgrown 2 of the shirts while I ignored the chore! Lame–I know.

6. If Jesus were coming to your house for dinner tonight, would you be more concerned about what to feed Him, how clean the house is, or what you were going to wear?
I’m lucky that dinner is already planned for tonight, so I suppose I’d be a little panicked about the cleanliness factor. I don’t think I would worry about what I’m wearing. I would, however, be concerned that he might catch the upper respiratory virus I seem to have picked up. [cough, hack, blow nose, repeat]

7. What WOULD you feed Him?
Tonight’s dinner is slated to be homemade lasagna,  and since that qualifies as company fare, I would definitely keep it on the menu! We’re also having homemade bread (bread machine) and a salad, plus apple crisp for dessert.

8. If I gave you $5 to use to make a stranger smile, what would you do with it?
Hmmmm…. buying a coffee for the person in line behind me at Starbucks would be a great idea, if I ever went to Starbucks… and it would be awesome to buy a homeless person a meal at McDonalds or something like that, but in my remote-ish area, that’s not likely to happen either… so maybe I would buy a bunch of flowers and give them to someone who looks “down.” Then I’d smile and say, “God loves you, and I hope you have a blessed day!”

Happy Weekend

When I saw this picture that my husband took last weekend, I knew it was too good not to share!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend~

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! and Happy Columbus Day (or as most think of it, happy 3-day weekend) to my friends in the USA.  My husband actually has 4 days off, so we (mostly the masculine form of “we” ) are working on some home improvement projects. Also in my corner of the world, we have the homecoming football game and the town-wide tag sale today.
What do you have planned?
If you are Canadian, what do you eat for Thanksgiving dinner?

Friday 5: Why I love Fall

The weather yesterday had me feeling deliriously happy.   Fall is my favorite season, and I just can’t get enough of it this week, so I thought I’d share 5 reasons why I think Autumn is terrific:

1. The air is cooler, so the sunshine actually feels good instead of making me hot and sweaty.

2. The smell of wood smoke and fall leaves is nearly intoxicating.

3. The cool breezes mean that I can wear sweatshirts (also see #1).
I love a cozy hoodie.

4. My kids’ fall activities (cross country meets and marching band competitions) are fun to watch and I love cheering them on.  I have a cowbell and I know how to use it!

5. Taking a walk before bedtime with my husband is one of my favorite ways to spend time with him. It’s like a mini-date. On nights like last night, I wished we were camping — the breeze was refreshingly cool and the stars were startling clear. We’ve been able to see the Milky Way several times in the past few weeks.

photo found on Google Images and is credited to Tony on the following forum:

(attempting) a look back at summer

The Muffed Target
is hosted by Thom each Tuesday.

This is one of those pictures that was “ruined” by someone walking into the shot… but I decided to keep it because the bright color of the water mattress worked to frame out the boys at the water’s edge.

I’m still trying to remember to not delete every muffed picture!

What is bright and interesting at your place today?

Musical Monday: Wind of Change

I remember watching the TV coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall… all those young people celebrating… it still brings tears of joy to my eyes.