TP: Yellow

After the Rally to Restore Sanity, we wandered over to the Hirshhorn Museum. This piece caught my eye with the bright white and yellow; just don’t ask me what it is called!

“Thematic Photographic” — hosted by Carmi –is a weekly themed photographic challenge. This week’s theme is YELLOW. A new theme will be announced on Thursday night.

8 responses to “TP: Yellow

  1. Totally cool!

  2. at first I thought the picture was of blinds on a skinny window…then I scrolled down and saw the yellow. Interesting!

  3. TP yellow.. and here I thought you were going to show us toilet paper. 😉

  4. hahaha i was with Hilary. “TP Yellow” sounds like something very different to me!! 🙂

  5. I won’t ask what it is called. I will instead ask, what were they thinking when they made that?

  6. Very cool and yeah, I was thinking the same as Hilary:)

  7. Ohhhhhh I LOVE the Hirshorn! It is one of my FAVORITES!!!

    And LOL! I’m with Alice… I was thinking something different at the idea of TP too!

  8. Nice presentation, slowly it opens to what appears to be blinds on a long narrow window…..and then a burst of yellow opens up! Great photo! Thanks.