Five Fall Views

A few weeks ago, everything was orange and brilliant. While we’ve been having spectacular weather all week, the colors have faded a bit and become more subtle.
Come have a seat on my front porch and enjoy the view:

We might be able to convince SnakeMaster to vacate the porch swing so you can enjoy a slightly different view:

Or perhaps you prefer the view out back?


Of course there is always the view from the tree. The boy tells me that he can see the Blue Ridge Mountains from up there.
I can’t see them from where I’m standing, but I am soaking up this scene in our side yard:

Happy Friday!

11 responses to “Five Fall Views

  1. A great way to start the day.. thank you! That first tree is spectacular and that kidlet.. so cute.

  2. You do seem to have rocking’ autumn views covered at your place.

  3. You ARE blessed – to be sure! Just gorgeous!

  4. Ah, those are wonderful, thanks.

  5. Thanks for the tour of the view surrounding your home.

  6. You have a lovely yard! That first tree is just so beautiful! So orange! Amazing.

  7. A great way for me to start the next day!

  8. Those are absolutely beautiful photos! Isn’t nature amazing? That brilliant orange? We didn’t invent that bright neon color… But, we know who did!

    😉 Snake master in the tree; Farmer, Jr. misses our old tree (even though it’s just a few jars of the go-cart away). 😉

  9. Beautiful. We don’t have the extremes in temperature you do, so we don’t have that kind of color. It is dazzling. Thank you for sharing.

  10. wow, that first shot…that tree is on FIRE! Beautiful!

  11. I seriously need to move. Any real estate coming on the market near you? That is seriously the loveliest landscape I’ve seen in ages!