Saturday dream

to follow the road

I want to take the time
to follow that road
to see what is over the hill
or around the next bend

autumn vinette

And as the end of the day draws near,
I want to look around
and notice where I am,
to see the details that matter–and to let go of those that do not–

And then I want to look up
at the stars in the sky
and be amazed


8 responses to “Saturday dream

  1. So nicely done, KC. I love this last shot.

  2. How wonderful! I love following the bend in the road.

  3. And those have been some mighty BRIGHT stars here lately! I’m glad he’s enjoying them!

  4. You and me both.

    That’s the way to live, always. So long as we don’t forget that, we are truly alive.

  5. Nice. I can echo these sentiments. Excellent poem and photos.

  6. I ❤ this post so much!!!