Come walk with me

come walk with me

Come walk with me
on the narrow path
because  it matters
how you step, and where
And sometimes
we each find a need
for a helping hand
or a leg up
on life’s journey

12 responses to “Come walk with me

  1. Perfect blend of the written and visual!

  2. Lovely walk, but I ain’t stepping foot on that bridge 😉

  3. Excellent. You have me motivated to walk that bridge.

  4. Wow. Just amazing.

    Did you really walk on that?

  5. That is very, very cool. I haven’t been out hiking at all this season. Your photos help to make up for that. 🙂

  6. OH! What a bridge!

  7. You’ve been very verse-ital lately. I like it. Your words and pics compliment each other beautifully.

  8. Ack.. I would have hesitated long and hard. Great photo and text though.. nicely done. Did it sway?

  9. uh…sorry…afraid of heights and things that possibly couldn’t hold my weight LMAO!