Fleeting beauty

Yesterday’s rain and last night’s storm have stripped many trees and scattered many leaves. I took this photo on Monday afternoon, before the rains began.
click on photo to embiggen

oh Golden Autumn!
your beauty is forever
captured in my heart


12 responses to “Fleeting beauty

  1. beautiful yellow
    away up high in the sky
    caught in memory

  2. thank you…..you feel the same way i do.

  3. i love the feeling of walking through piles of leaves scattered on the ground – feels so fall-like 🙂

  4. Lovely, ours have been gone for awhile now, so it’s nice to see leaves again 😉

  5. and in mine.
    All the same, having captured it on camera will help to remind me, when winter bites and I can’t see that there will ever be a new spring.

  6. I miss maple leaves!

  7. Warm and beautiful. We’re pretty much done here too, but like you, I still have images to share from before losing the leaves. So I will.. starting tomorrow. 😉

  8. I might have to steal the word “embiggen”

  9. Yes.

  10. Lovely haiku! Lovely photo.