Friday mish-mash

1. On Monday afternoon, SnakeMaster and I stopped by the park after school. He happily played on the zip-line while I snapped this photo.

2. And this one, too. I had to trick my camera into not allowing too much light in the photograph. At 4pm on a cloudy day, it is already fading daylight — which makes for brilliant folliage.  The colors have been so incredible, it almost hurts my eyes to look at them.

3. On the way out of the park, I noticed something at the entrance that we’d missed when driving in...

4. What is wrong with this picture? Well, for starters, I took this on November 15th.  IMO, that is just wrong.  Can’t we please get through Thanksgiving first? (Of course, if you are Canadian, all bets are off since you had your Thanksgiving celebration last month.)

5. I’m stubbornly in denial about the demise of Autumn.


14 responses to “Friday mish-mash

  1. Love those first photos of the trees! Amazing colors!! Truly beautiful!

  2. Now those are some TREES 🙂 I know, the Christmas decorations, sigh!

  3. I saw the first little Santas at the store 2 weeks ago already, and they also put out all kinds of lights for sale at the same time… I don’t want to see anything like that until the first Sunday of Advent!

  4. What beautiful photos! And my son loves ziplines too. In fact, my husband put one in our backyard this past summer and it was a hit with the neighborhood.

  5. Lovely colours. Even though we have had our Thanksgiving, it is still too early for Christmas decorations in my opinion also. We were at the mall the other night and Santa and his helpers were sitting there just shooting the breeze – no kids in sight.

  6. Autumn is my most favorite season so I love seeing the beauiful colors on the trees. Sadly ours have been gone for awhile now so it is nice to enjoy this fall beauty that some are still having. We have people around here that have been putting their Christmas lights on. Rediculous. I understand people putting them on before it’s so cold and snowy outside but turning them on before Thanksgiving is for the birds. Happy weekend to you and yours. 🙂

  7. The photos are gorgeous, Kcinnova! I’m with you on the spruce tree snap! I can’t believe the people who are already done their Christmas shopping. Like you say, “Let’s get through November first!

  8. Congrats on your potw!

  9. I didn’t add, that I love your colourful photos! I’m with you on the people who rush Christmas. It annoys me!

  10. Our fall colors are almost gone thanks to a couple of wind and rain storms. Thanks for the reminder of the colors that once was!

  11. I would not want to let those gorgeous colors go either!

  12. I have to tell you something horrid. I hope you still like me after I confess — I have already purchased Christmas decorations this year! I know, I know — it only encourages the retailers. But the prices were so good and since our move we have nothing. I haven’t put them up yet. Is that in my favor?

    Love your picks! I wish we got fall foliage in such amazing and brilliant colors.

  13. Wonderful autumn pics, KC. I take it you’re aware of Suldog’s “Thanksgiving Comes First” Campaign?

  14. You have a wonderful blog- and your pictures take my breath away. I can’t imagine seeing these colors “for real”!!
    Thanks for coming by my blog- I appreciate it!

    (Yes…I am Canadian so I did have to put up my tree…but I hear ya! When people rush the seasons I get a tad annoyed;))

    I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Be back again to check out more of your lovely photos:)