Letting go and growing up

Feeling sad that MM isn’t coming home for Thanksgiving.
Feeling glad that he is spending Thanksgiving with extended family.

The things that don’t kill you give you character.

12 responses to “Letting go and growing up

  1. I understand that sadness all too much. Glad he has a place to be for Thanksgiving. And yes the things that don’t kill us give us character. ((((HUGS))))

  2. How true!
    The picture is masterly! Bur what happened to the poor tree? Is it some kind of vine that has stunted its’ growth like that?

    • There is a vine that wrapped around the tree trunk, but instead of killing the tree, the vine has been “swallowed up alive” by the tree and turned into living art.

  3. I am sure MM feels the same way. Cool photo of the tree and vine.

  4. Awww. I know he feels the same way.

  5. If this is his first Thanksgiving away, it is going to be hard for MM, too. I still yearn for and miss the Thanksgivings from my childhood.

  6. Thanks, all.
    MM is spending this week with so many relatives, I think he will be quite happy. I kind of doubt he has missed us at all!

  7. I’m sorry MM won’t be home.. hugs to you. That photo illustrates the quote perfectly.

  8. It is tough–this is our first year without Grownup Girl home for Thanksgiving-I know how you feel.

  9. That tree is amazing.
    There will be many more Thanksgivings to come you can spend with MM. And I’m sure that while enjoying where he is, a part of him yearns for home, too.

  10. Thinking of you…of course you will miss him…but thankful for him too…

  11. yippee for the tree! Hugs to you 🙂