Musical Monday: golden

I’ve probably said this more than once before, but I cannot get over how incredible the colors are this Fall. With the first bit of cold weather, yellow tinged the green leaves. The rest of the color seems to come in waves: orange, rust, red, scarlet, and gold.  A week ago, I was nearly a danger behind the wheel of my minivan, so arresting were the reds and scarlets.

The color I’ve been following these past few days has been a bit safer, since it perfectly matches the yellow lines down the center of the road, the caution lights of the school zone, and even the school bus that stops to pick the kids up for school.

Marc Cohn has a beautiful song called “She’s Becoming Gold” on The Rainy Season CD. I searched for a link on YouTube but since it never had the popularity of “Walking in Memphis” (from his first, self-titled CD) I’m unable to provide you with an easy way to hear it now.  You can listen to a very short bit of the song here, and the complete lyrics are below:

She runs down the staircase
And into the yard
And she goes down to the end of the drive
With her friends on the phone
And her angels on guard
She’s just recently feeling alive
After all of the tears and the changes
Now there’s something that’s taken ahold
She’s becoming gold
She’s becoming gold

She thinks of a boy
That she knew back in school
And she wonders if he’s doing all right
The man of her dreams
Isn’t all that he seems
And the baby don’t sleep through the night
Something is moving inside her
And the weather is turning so cold
But she’s becoming gold,
She’s becoming gold
She’s becoming gold (I’ve seen her)
She’s becoming gold

She can hear in the distance
The sound of the cars
And she sees the snow falling down on the hill
Now the trees and the houses
Are white as the stars
And she doesn’t wanna cry
But she probably will
As she thinks about all of life’s mystery
And how slowly the answers unfold
She’s becoming gold
She’s becoming gold


Is there a song that you connect with this time of year?

7 responses to “Musical Monday: golden

  1. I miss the beautiful colors of fall. Now my browns just wait for more snow to fall. Never heard of this song before…will have to check it out. Happy Monday!

  2. Our colors are basically over. Fall seemed to move through too quickly this year. I also don’t know the song, but I will check it out.

  3. I like the lyrics, I will have to look out for the song. Sadly, we are now covered in white stuff 😦

  4. “All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.”

    It was only pretty here for about a day and then everything was dead.

  5. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin 🙂

  6. Lovely lyrics, KC. Our colours are long gone but I’ll probably still have a few photos to dig out over the next couple of posts.

  7. We don’t have your kind of colors, but we’ve had a rainy fall. I was kayaking yesterday at my nearby lake with a friend and I pointed out to her that with the clouds and the slanting light the far side of the lakeshore looked just like a Wyeth painting. Beautiful stuff.