Change of Season

The Thanksgiving decorations are still in full view — the pumpkins, the Indian corn, the “Harvest” scented candle. I’m not ready to jump into December.

Yet today is the first Sunday of Advent, a day of expectation and longing for change.  So I will light the candle and read the scripture verses, and I will wrestle with the change and hope and expectation.
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.


3 responses to “Change of Season

  1. Today the praise band did O Come, O Come, Emmanuel so beautifully that afterward there was a congregational moment of awed silence and then a wave of spontaneous applause and joy. It was goose bumpy. The singers and musicians were quite stunned and awed themselves — and embarrassed because we don’t generally shower them with praise and applause (although many people do often express gratitude and thanks).

  2. advent is always my favorite season, thank you for reminding me it started today (bad catholic jen has not been paying attention!) happy thanksgiving! and enjoy the last few days of november!

  3. I miss doing the Advent…my parents always did it when we were younger.