Musical Monday: Small Town Saturday Night

This is the band I went to see in concert on Saturday night. They were recording for a live album. (Do we still call them albums?)

Yes, there is a bassist there behind the mandolin player! He was home from college over the weekend and I saw him sing some backup vocals.
The young man on the right plays a variety of instruments, sings vocals and writes original songs. The mandolin player sings, plays guitar and banjo.
And the banjo player, who is only 15 years old, also plays the fiddle!

What a talented bunch of teenagers!

My family hopes I’ll outgrow my bluegrass phase soon, but I don’t think that’s likely… I expect these guys to be famous someday.

10 responses to “Musical Monday: Small Town Saturday Night

  1. I can´t see the clip here, because I´m at work, but I´m sure you had a great night. Looks like fun.

  2. Such wonderful fun! I love seeing and hearing live music. Happy Monday! XX

  3. I hope you never outgrow the Bluegrass. It’s just a fun and feel good type of music if ya ask me. Great MM my friend. Oh and my face book you can go here. Glad to be back and thanks for your wonderful words 🙂

  4. They sound great.. I would have loved to have been there with you.

  5. there is nothing better than live music, and live BLUEGRASS music is especially invigorating. embrace the bluegrass love!!

  6. I didn’t understand Bluegrass until I got to listen to a live performance (many moons ago…) – unfortunately there aren’t many opportunities to listen to it live here…

  7. Sweet Georga Brown! I grew up listening to this. It will always hold a dear place in my heart and these kids are good!

  8. They sound wonderful. I have bluegrass in my blood as well.

  9. I absolutely adore bluegrass.

  10. we do still call them albums and just the other day i noticed nick referring to them as albums too and i was all “Whoa” he has never even had an album…but ohh i love bluegrass!