I did it!

I managed to post something every single day this month.

However, that is not normally what I think of when I see November 30th on the calendar.

Today is Slim’s birthday — or rather, it would be if he were still alive and turning 102 years old. But he isn’t. He died 9-1/2 years ago.

Slim was an interesting character. He was my husband’s grandfather who threw himself a “kick the bucket” party and made a grand entrance riding a mule into the party hall (this was about 4 years before he actually did “kick the bucket). He was also a farmer for his entire adult life, growing and harvesting wheat and lentils (among other things) in the Idaho panhandle. Slim was 100% Swedish American who dunked his bread in milk and his cookies in coffee.

Hay rows on the Ridge

1989, Idaho farm
Turning hay rows in the field — like Grandfather, like Grandson

When we visited as newlyweds and I watched my husband working alongside his 82-year-old grandfather on the farm, I could see what kind of man I had married.  And then last night, I looked across the dinner table to see SuperDad dunking his bread into his milk.
The mule can’t be far behind.

17 responses to “Longevity

  1. First of all, congrats on making it through the whole month. I’ve done NaBloPoMo a few times, and it was no easy feat.

    Coming from Swedish lineage, I totally get the milk/bread thing. What beautiful memories to share.

  2. congrats!!! i have enjoyed all of your posts and this one is just perfect, what a great idea to throw a ‘kick the bucket’ party!!!

  3. Congrats on making it all the way through! I love this man Slim…he sure had the right idea…love this idea of a kick the bucket party…will so have to remember that! How wonderful that you are married to such a great man!

  4. He sounds like he was an amazing man 🙂 You were lucky to know him! And congrats for making it thru!

  5. Sounds like you got yourself a good man there. Comes from good stock.

  6. “drunked” LOL too funny. You are getting to type like me. You know Slim sounds like a great human being. Reminds me of my Grandfather a great deal. They threw away the mold many years ago if you ask me. I’m so happy for you that the Mule isn’t far behind. And congrats on posting everyday. WOOT!!!!

  7. My dad dunked cookies in coffee & he used to put brown sugar on bread then pour milk over it. It was not bad, but I preferred to leave off the milk 😉 I guess I am not quite as Swedish as Dad was 😉

    Congrats on posting every day!

  8. oh man, i only HOPE i am an awesome enough 88 yr old to throw myself a kicking-the-bucket party 🙂

  9. They certainly share similarities, KC. Slim was quite the character. There might have to be a mule under the Christmas tree one year.. you know.. for Muletide.

    Congrats on your blogging accomplishments.

  10. I did NaBloPoMo too, but I hedged my bet by not telling anyone!
    I love that photo of the farm. The colors are so tender.

  11. “Slim”. This post warmed me. How wonderful. I love the side by side pics. I’ve always found from your blog and knowing you what a great man you married. You are still his world all these years – and sons – later.

    Happy Advent to ya! 😉

  12. Slim sounds like he knew how to work and play! How fun. And how incredible cool to be able to see family tradition carrying one down the line — even if it is via soggy bread.

  13. Awesome post. I would have loved to have a “Slim” in my life 🙂 And CONGRATS on the NaBlaPoMo!!! That is quite an accomplishment!!

  14. congratulations on acquiring the perfect husband, even if I’ve left it a bit late.
    congratulations also on your blogging achievement, it can be quite hard to think of something worth posting every day for a whole month.

    Good for you.

  15. I’m so glad my hubby isn’t the only one who puts nearly full length patches on the front of his worn out jeans!! LOL!!

  16. My grandpa (and most other ‘oldtimers’) drank coffee from the saucer – with a lump of sugar in the mouth. I can still here the slurping sound he made…
    Congrats to your posting achievement! Personally, I’ve admitted that I’m just not enough organized to do that – not during a month of student-parent-teacher conferences and what have you.