Daily Archives: December 3, 2010


One of the things particular to Military dependents is an identification card. For a teenager on a military installation, this card is a ticket into the Exchange, the Commissary, and the movie theater (although, for the latter, you do still have to buy an actual ticket).  It’s also required when checking in at the clinic or pharmacy because it is proof that the person qualifies for military benefits.  These cards must be renewed every few years, so we recently took H-J to the nearest Army post to get his new I.D. card. The difference in the photographs was startling to me. Obviously, I’ve been paying attention as he has grown from a little boy into a teenager, but looking at his sweet 10yo face for the last time before turning his old card in brought a flood of memories.

HJ four years ago

He’ll be turning 15 on Sunday. Where did the time go?