Suddenly, nothing… and fifteen

The entire month of November, I managed to post something every. single. day. And truthfully, there were only 2 days that were really challenging. I was in the groove of posting every day. I enjoyed it. I almost didn’t want NaBloPoMo to end!

But now? I find myself floundering.  My camera has sat untouched for an entire week. Prose and poetry escape me.

I gave myself the first few days of December “off” to pay attention to family needs and household responsibilities. It was good and important, but in the process I seem to have lost my writing mojo.

Oh, I’ve got plenty of little vignettes I could be writing about — how I had to lie to my 19yo on the phone this evening so that he wouldn’t know he would be opening a surprise gift from us within the hour; or how cold and blustery the wind has been here, with snow flurries seeming to come from miles away; or even what it is like to have my dad back in assisted living care and trying to joke with him and cheer him up while hearing him gasp for breath.

Fifteen years ago today, I held a newborn son in my arms; today that same son wouldn’t let me post his baby picture on facebook.
To my credit, I asked permission and honored his feelings… of course, it’s been in my archive album on my profile page for the past year [not tagged], and you could find it here one year ago today… but we won’t mention that to him!
Fifteen is the magic year when boys stop talking to their parents. At least that has been my experience with his older brothers. I am dreading the silence from this happy child and I fear it will come at the same time as a cross-country move.  How will I know what is normal sullen teenage boy behavior and what is sadness over loss of friends and familiar activities?

So while I wallow in responsibilities and the thoughts spinning ’round my head, I will probably be posting rather infrequently.
I’ll still be doing my best to read your blogs and hopefully even be a semi-faithful commenter.


8 responses to “Suddenly, nothing… and fifteen

  1. Oh that magic age… I know it well. Yes, it’s when they stop talking and start snarking and start making you wonder where your incredibly charming child has gone. Good thing they come back.. eventually. You know that part too. 🙂

  2. P.S. Happy Birthday to Mr. Don’tshowmyphoto!

  3. When my step son was that age we knew how he was feeling by the amount of food he ate. If at the end of the day, there was still food in the kitchen, he wasn’t feeling well.

    Family first, blogging as time permits. I will wait patiently for you. I just hope you don’t miss my upcoming jewelry giveaway!

  4. You are moving cross country? Did I miss that announcement? That is major.
    Hope your boys take it well and find new friends.
    Happy Birthday to your 15 year old!

  5. It should make the move interesting – to say the least. I hope your dad gets back on his feet soon. Happy Birthday to your son.

  6. YES, you are an awesome commenter and I thank you very much. But I am wondering why VA is so much colder than us way up here????????????????????? I’d trade our snow for your cold!

  7. I wish I could give you a hug right now….sending you a virtual one as I type…I understand this teen boy stage all too well…Happy Birthday to your boy…I’ll tell you a little secret… girls are worse during this not looking forward to going through that again. XX

  8. I don’t know what it’s like as a parent, but as a kid it was tough…and it was all my fault. Sigh…

    Hope your Dad gets better!