1. Last Friday night was Humorous-Juniorous’ birthday party. It was the first time we had met most of his friends from school (H-J is a bit of an introvert). It was a successful geekfest. Who else would talk about math and wish for a video game called Orchestra Hero? (Admittedly, that WOULD be very cool!) They partied with DDR, snacks, Mario Kart racing, snacks, stick fighting outside in the dark, S’Mores at the firepit, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, cake and ice cream. And did I mention snacks?
If you needed party ideas for a 15yo boy, you’re welcome! 😉

2. We live between 2 towns; the smaller one has a population of 600, the larger town is ten times that size. The town with the traffic lights (FOUR!) had its annual Christmas parade last Saturday. More photos here and here

3. SnakeMaster would gladly own a horse.

4. This is what the dining room credenza looked like on Monday. Procrastinator, who??

5. MusicMan, my college son, is flying home today. We haven’t seen him for over 4 months, so I’m sure you will understand if I’m absent much of the next few weeks.

17 responses to “Celebrate!

  1. LOVE the advent wreath. I wish I would do something like that in my house.

    Happy Bday to your big man. 15 seems really mature.

  2. Lots to celebrate…sounds like a perfect birthday to me…I am sure you are absolutely excited to have your son home after not seeing him for awhile…I am sure you will enjoy every moment you get to have with him so of course you will be occupied with more important things. Bless you and all your family…may you all be surrounded and filled with hope, peace, love and joy. XX

  3. Love the credenza! Will miss you but don’t blame you for wanting to spend time away from the computer when your eldest is home.

  4. sounds like a birthday I would enjoy! Happy Belated!

  5. Hau’oli La Hanau a day late and a dollar short to H-J. Sounds like a great party 🙂 LOL at the pumpkin. That’s all I’m saying LOL And have a great time with MusicMan. How wonderful. Have a great weekend 🙂

  6. Enjoy having your family all together again! Happy HolidayS!

  7. It gives me hope to hear of 15-year-old boys like that. 🙂

  8. Oh yes I do understand. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your boys and family.
    Hugs, from Betty

  9. That sounds like an awesome birthday party to me. Good job mom! Have a wonderful time with your college boy.

  10. Happy Birthday H-J. I hope you got your orchestra game! Oh, and remember all those cool guys in school end up working for the jocls when everybody is all grown up. You stick to your math!

  11. jocks — And you might want to learn typing and proof reading, too. I hear they are handy skills.

  12. Totally understandable, K. I’m looking forward to my boy coming home tomorrow too. Happy Birthday to HJ.. and I’m with SM about the horse. Enjoy the holidays, my friend. 🙂

  13. Enjoy the reunion!

    Yes, teen boys and snacks do work well together. Happy Birthday to both of you!

  14. Looks like fun!! Happy birthday to the boy!

    Our son is coming home, too, Monday, from the UK. We hope to enjoy him for the nine days he’s here – then off he goes back to school.

  15. Oh, how I wish some of my students would be like your son! It would make my life a lot easier.
    Do enjoy every minute of having your oldest son at home for the holidays. I’ll miss your blogging and especially your wonderful comments on mine, but let’s get our priorities stragiht here – family before everything else!

  16. And what a gorgeous birthday boy.

  17. YOUR CHRISTMAS pumpkin on the table hahaha! Congrats to your excellent son. I always think a person’s birthday should really be a mother’s day, don’t you?