The week in-between

The kids and the husband have been enjoying time off

Somehow I am holding it together

11 responses to “The week in-between

  1. I am digging the Gingerbread house. Something tells me the ribbon holding it together is not edible.

    Did you get the coffee machine yet? Please send me an email to let me know.

  2. i think the week between christmas and new year should be a mandatory vacation week…

  3. perfect picture to depict how you feel 🙂

  4. Pretty ribbon! I hope no-one comes barging in that door though 😉 Looks like the best way to spend the day.

  5. I feel for you!

  6. That first picture is absolutely priceless!

  7. I love that first pic. They actually tipped the house over, did they? I’m surprised you didn’t tie that ribbon around someone’s neck!

  8. Priceless fun! I hope you had a good Christmas and that as 2011 creeps in that much joy, love, peace and laughter continue to fill your home. Enjoy every moment while they are all home. Blessings. XX

  9. hahaha, love those pictures. The words are so fitting!
    Have a happy New Year and enjoy the family time!

  10. Perfectly illustrated!

  11. ROFLMBO!!! Been there!