And on that note…

We spent Thursday evening watching old Batman movies. Wow, I had a kitschy childhood! I never realized how Crayola-bright Robin’s outfit was, but mostly my boys thought we were nuts for thinking it was such an awesome show way back when. They’re pretty sure 1966 was a really really long time ago.

Here are 5 for your Friday, the last of 2010:

1) Have you seen Melli’s new grandson? He’s absolutely beautiful and wonderfully loved by an incredible extended family. If you need a shot of cute or “awwwww” these pictures will make your day.Β  (There’s an incredible backstory of God’s Grace, too, but I’m going for “awwwww” today.)

2) Humorous-Juniorous, my 15yo son, has asked me to forward all of the College Board SAT prep questions to him (they’ve been arriving in my e-mail inbox for months). He’s apparently enjoying the chance to answer the daily questions and finding them to be correct. Someone get this kid a scholarship!

3) Speaking of scholars and proud families, MusicMan made the President’s Honor Roll at his college for the first semester (complete with an impressive GPA of 3.86). This isn’t a “mommy blog” but I can’t NOT brag about how proud I am of him!

4) Aside from the overwhelming amount of testosterone running amuck in my house this week, it has been soooo nice to have everyone home and together. I’m trying to savor it, because when MM flies back to school next week, we won’t see him for 4-5 months.

5) For the first part of the sentence on #4, I will be getting a ton of spam… and not the kind you can fry up in a camping fry pan.


Do you have any plans for the evening/weekend? And are your plans as exciting as old Batman movies? πŸ˜›

17 responses to “And on that note…

  1. A quiet dinner with some friends and long walks with Loki and his parents, whom I’m dog-sitting this weekend.
    Sounds exciting, no?

  2. Yes, that baby is adorably sweet…of course you should brag about your boys…mommy blog or not, we must share these proud moments…your batman movie night sounds like fun to me but then again I’m old so I suppose…lol…we were going to travel to spend the night with friends but our nice Minnesota weather is going to keep us home…had rain, freezing rain and snow yesterday all day…now we are at a lull and we are suppose to get snow today and tomorrow…yesterday there was a 90 some car pile up and in just 40 mile span over a hundred cars in the ditch so we will bring in the new year at home…enjoy every moment that you can with all your boys…don’t you wish you could bottle that feeling of having all your children home at once so that you could pull it out when your homesick for this?

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! XX

  3. Happy New Year!

  4. You should be proud of all your boys! We don’t mind if you brag at all πŸ™‚ I will be spending the evening working jigsaw puzzles and watching movies with a couple of friends and maybe drinking a glass of bubbly at midnight.
    Happy New year to you all.

  5. well done MM!! that’s quite impressive!!

    tonight i’m hoping to STOP WORKING sometime soon, at which point i’ll join my friends in their revelry at a house party πŸ™‚

  6. We’ll quietly stay in tonight and leave the drunks and drink drivers to fend for themselves.

    #3 — excellent! He managed to escape the first semester of freedom lure!

  7. So proud of MM. I will be going out among “the drunks” to celebrate the new year with some friends. :0)

  8. That GPA is a great accomplishment. It’s great to have everyone back together–and then it’s a little bit okay when they leave again!

  9. Happy New Year! I hope it is a great one for you and yours.

  10. You have much reason to be proud. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year to you and yours. πŸ™‚

  11. Happy New Year, proud mum, and rightly so.
    What a lot of smelly socks you must have to wash!

  12. Awww… thank you for featuring wee Tyler on your blog! (and in the number 1 spot!) I have definitely been enjoying him like crazy! I actually got to babysit him for about 3.5 hours today! How fun! I held him as he slept on my chest — the ENTIRE time! LOL! He smells sooooooo good!

    I should say you are granted ALL bragging rights for MM’s GRAND accomplishment! Of COURSE you are! You DROVE him around for the first 16 years of his life! YOU EARNED IT!!! πŸ™‚

    MY New Year’s Eve was every BIT as exciting as those old Batman shows! I went to bed early and snored through the entire thing….

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let 2011 be AS GOOD as 2010 was!

  13. That’s a loaded question because there is nothing better than old Batman shows! And 1996 was last century! πŸ˜‰

  14. Times have changed, especially in TVland. I was a huge fan of Batman and Robin when I was a kid. Now, it wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (via Hilary’s POTW). I really appreciate it and it’s nice to meet you. I’m off to read more about you and your family.

    Happy New Year, jj

  15. Ha, I like your evening plans. We don’t do much–the little kids like having a cake (for any occaision), but they are in bed by 8: 15 pm.

  16. i LOVE the old batman movies/tv shows!! Happy New Year to you and your family and congrats to music man!!

  17. Happy New Year! And yeah, that is a cute baby πŸ˜‰