Musical Monday: New Year’s Eve edition

I couldn’t get my family to budge from the house on NYE, but a friend kindly invited me to ride with her to a bluegrass concert, er… CD release party for one band, with another band as their opening act. I failed to video the event, but here are a couple of  YouTube videos to enjoy featuring each band:


That banjo player? He’s 16 years old.

And here is the band that headlined the event. They just released their 2nd CD titled “Soul Bucket”.  Yes, I bought the CD. Now I’m itching to buy a harmonica.

This is The Acoustic Burgoo. They will be famous someday, and then you can say you heard them here first!  😀


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7 responses to “Musical Monday: New Year’s Eve edition

  1. Just in the last few weeks, I have been diving into bluegrass music with full force. Thanks for sharing those youtubes.

  2. How wonderful that your friend took you with to this. They are great! What a fun way to spend a new years eve!

  3. I love bluegrass music. Very cool!

  4. How fun this must have been. That 16 year old banjo player is something else 🙂 Great videos and I love the music 🙂

  5. How nice that your friend took you with her.

  6. oh, what a fun way to ring in the new year!

  7. I stay home, too. Too many drunks out on the road. I am glad you went out and had a fun, safe time!