A Fond Farewell

Christmas break is over for MusicMan — he gets on a plane this afternoon to head back to college. Classes don’t actually start until Monday, but I felt obligated to build in a few extra days of travel time into the schedule “just in case” the weather became a factor in getting him back to school.

Here is our group of musical college students playing “We Three Kings” on handbells. One young woman is in her last year of college, 2 of the other young women are college sophomores, and the remaining 4 ringers  (including MM who forgot to wear white, so he’s the one in blue!) are first-year college students. This group practiced one evening (the Tuesday prior to Christmas) and once again Sunday morning before performing at 11am.  As the director says at the beginning of the video, the music being played was written for 11 ringers but is being played by a choir of seven.

Pretty good, aren’t they?  🙂

16 responses to “A Fond Farewell

  1. hope he has a safe trip back!!

  2. Beautiful Music. Hope the kid has a safe trip and new semester in college.

  3. beautiful!! as a (former, at this point) musician, it’s a testament to each ringer that they could do such a lovely job on so little practice!

  4. I found myself actually clapping during their performance. Just lovely.

  5. Beautiful. Safe travels to your son. And hugs to you as I know how it is to have them leave. ((((HUGS)))

  6. They do indeed sound wonderful. Wishing your boy a safe trip.

  7. They sound fantastic–what a fun way to stay connected to home.

    Built in travel delay time is an excellent idea.

  8. Safe travels to MM. I know you will miss him, but he will be back soon.

  9. This is excellent. You know last year Quilly played in a Church Bell Choir. I went and I was totally in awe. I just loved it. Excellent and thanks for sharing this. It beats a Muffed Target by tons 🙂

  10. Always good to build in some extra time when traveling.

    Love the video. They sound great!

  11. Awww those months will just fly by. The next thing you know it will be summer break already.

  12. Beautiful! Having played in two different churches, I have an extreme fondness for bells.

    Prayers said for a safe trip for MM and comfort for his mommy as he leaves her (and his daay,too, even though you haven’t mentioned how he’s taking the separation).

  13. that would be daddy — and brothers, btw.

  14. Count your blessings that he isn’t travelling by train in Sweden! Yesterday the night-train from northern Sweden to the capital was 11 hours late “due to technical problems”… as if winter comes as a total excuse every year!

  15. Oh, and MM will be back home again before you know it!

  16. I SO wish my church had a hand bell choir. That was AWESOME! I LOVE it!