not captured by my camera

The wind lifts the snow
like glittering fairy dust
swirling around me

10 responses to “not captured by my camera

  1. Captured beautifully by your imagination, though.

  2. Your haiku was perfect for the snow fall here last evening. Snow started to fall about 7 PM last night. At 11PM the light on the snow was so bright that I thought we had left a flood light on. At 3 AM it warmed up to rain. Slush everwhere this morning, but no ice on the roads.

  3. I think that haikus are very fitting for winter. Quiet, simple, lovely.

    Thank you so much for your blog love lately. I appreciate your visits and comments so much. xo

  4. Now this is a much better description of the white stuff…getting tired of it but it really is pretty…and magical. XX

  5. That’s okay–I’ve seen lots of pics, but your the only one with a haiku!

  6. Wow – what a gorgeous haiku!

  7. that is very pretty. however the wind is not lifting the snow so much here, more like throwing it in gusts that sting your cheeks like razor blades!

  8. Your haiku and my picture of the swirling snow go well together!

  9. You may not have captured it on camera, but I still “saw” it! Lovely verse, Karen!