Just a dusting

1. EB, my 18yo son, left these footprints on his way to the school bus this morning.
2. Can you tell which one is a shoe print?

3. I have things on my mind that I can’t write about at the moment. This is where a blog fails as an online journal, but it is important to respect others’ rights to privacy.

4. It was wonderful to have all of my boys at home for a few weeks (and SuperDad took some time off from work, too).

[click on pics to embiggen]

5. I’m pretty sure MM was more than ready to go back to college!

11 responses to “Just a dusting

  1. He has Vibram 5 fingers! I want some! The second photo is the foot that is shod.

    • Reb, you are correct! This is his first pair — Classics — but I suspect that a pair of KSOs are in his future. He hasn’t worn “real shoes” in months; after being reprimanded for going barefoot at school, he grudgingly put on a pair of water shoes. He still wears those to church (they are black and unless you look very carefully, you’d never know he wasn’t in “normal” black shoes) but the Vibrams are his everyday footwear now.

  2. Sending up prayers for you in these unbloggable things and positive thoughts your way, along with some hugs, smiles and love. Just a dusting of snow…lucky…yes I’m sure he was ready to go back to college after all that togetherness…heck I wish I was being sent off to college or something with all the togetherness we’ve been having lately. 🙂 Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for stopping buy due to Hilary’s award. Kind of you. Having such handsome sons must fill you with pride and dismay … 😉

  4. Once they get that taste of adulthood via college they are gone forever (in the way of ever being a child again). I’m seeing those shoes all over–I didn’t know they’d be okay in the snow, though.

  5. That’s a fun footprint to leave behind.

    Thinking very best thoughts for you .. that you cope with whatever’s on your mind. Hugs to you, K.

  6. I want a pair of those shoes! I detest most footwear!

    Whatever the unbloggable things I, I have said a prayer for God’s perfect resolution.

  7. I guess the second one is a print of those naked feet shoes? Great pics! My sister in England goes barefoot nearly all the time…

  8. Interesting shot, never thought of what a Virbam footprint would look like!