Iced Super Cookies

This is what the roads looked like at 11 o’clock this morning…

I had to drive slowly, keeping plenty of space around  my car due to flying platters of ice randomly flying off the roofs of other vehicles.
[side note: I love parking in the garage. No scraping necessary.]
The chunks of ice splintered spectacularly when they hit the ground.

But at least that gave me plenty of time to listen to NPR and learn how smart-phone apps are gathering plenty of information on other people. I say other people, because I don’t have a smart phone.  (I consider myself lucky to even have limited texting capabilities. Hello, I’m Kcinnova and I live in the 20th century.) But if I ever do get a smart phone, I think I’m going to name it “Big Brother.”

Yes, your apps are watching you. Not a big deal, really — just gathering information such as your user password, contacts, age, gender, location, phone ID, and phone number.  The tracking device has been referred to as “super cookies.”  According to the Wall Street Journal, “These phones don’t keep secrets. They are sharing this personal data widely and regularly.”  Just one more reason to believe that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too keep your cookies to yourself.

So what do you think? Do you have a smart phone? Does this concern you, or is it more of a “meh” reaction in today’s world of uber-shared information?

12 responses to “Iced Super Cookies

  1. Love those ice bits! As for tracking devices on the phones – I guess that’s the whole point of social media these days…

  2. I don’t have a cell phone but I’m not surprised at how easily available info is these days.

    Drive safely on those roads!

  3. I have an iphone and I don’t know how I lived without it. They can gather whatever they want about me. I have nothing to hide.

  4. I’m too cheap to buy an I-phone… but I’m sure to be included in all kinds of registers and other places despite having only a regular cell phone. Yes, it concerns me in a way – but not enough to get rid of my cell.

  5. I have a smart phone. I don’t shop on it. I don’t bank on it. The email account associated with it is made especially for use with the phone. And my online browsing has to do with getting maps, traffic reports and directions.

  6. we just got smart phones and i know they are collecting information just like how google, gmail, Facebook, yahoo and everywhere else collects everything else. we had huge discussions about this in many classes. i am kinda meh about it.

    as far as the ice!! whoa! thats exactly what it looks like here too, just add two feet of snow under the ice and call it good!

  7. Since I don’t have one I don’t really pay attention to anything I hear about them. I have a very basic cell phone…doesn’t even have a camera on it and I don’t text so you are very likely more advanced then me. Honestly, if it weren’t for my kids being so far away I dont’ know if I would even have a cell phone. I would rather have snow then ice like that! XX

  8. I’m totally terrified of ever driving on ice.

    Yep, smart phone user and I know I should care, but meh.

  9. Love the photos. Careful out there though.
    I don’t care about the apps stealing my info anymore. I’m not hiding from the police yet so they can know my exact wherabouts and Twitter login if they want to.

  10. We had snow, then sleet, then icy rain yesterday. I stayed home.

  11. Wow, that is some pretty ice. Be careful of the drivers out there that think they are invincible.

    My smart phone is not all that smart (G3 I think)… I don’t download apps, I rarely have it on and only use it when I need to use it. I even more rarely text. I am appalled that they figure I need ads on my cell phone, um hello? that is my personal property, I didn’t give anyone permission to send me an advertisement on it (I also don’t wear clothes that want me to advertise for them – small discreet logo is ok). If I get any ads on it I will be raising hell and that might be easier here in Canada, but I don’t know anymore. As for security on my cell, I have know they are not secure since my first one and never use it for anything sensitive.

  12. No smart phone for me. I don’t need any further distractions on the road other than the radio. I’ve read some of the articles you refer to and I am increasingly becoming paranoid about privacy–not blog privacy but personal info privacy if that makes sense. I recently found out someone was using my full name to comment on sites I don’t visit like NRA, Fox, some NY Housewives forum. It’s a little freaky the damage that can be done by someone just having access to your name. I guess this is our future. Hope all is well woman!