A Stitch in Time

Things I’ve done this week:

1. Compared driving and walking on ice…
:  my own driveway was more hazardous than any parking lot that I encountered.  (Please note: the streets were cleared before I ventured out!)

2. Compared Weird Al songs/videos with the original songs/videos that inspired the parodies…
Conclusion: “Weird Al” Yancovik is insanely talented.

3. Discovered that my 18yo had never seen “Thriller” or “Beat It” (but had seen Weird Al’s “Eat It”)…
Conclusion:  corrected noted deficiency in his cultural knowledge.

4. Considered what kind of mother forces her children to watch Weird Al videos after school…
Conclusion:  the same kind of mother who spent her teen years listening to The Dr. Dimento Show on the radio every Sunday night.  Besides, it’s exam week — they needed to lighten up.

5. Began the process of learning to knit…
Conclusion: it will be a long time before anyone gets a scarf.


10 responses to “A Stitch in Time

  1. my morning chuckle 🙂

  2. You are so right, often times my landing, steps, side walk and driveway or glare ice when the roads are not..most likely because our roads get salted and sanded and have more traffic…my one shoulder still hurts from falling off my very icely steps last winter..ugh! You are a very neat Mom. Very cool that you are learning how to knit…I am sure it won’t be long and you will be knitting everyone hats and scarves! Hope you have a good weekend! XX

  3. Hey that scarf is looking good!!! currently i only knit scarves, my husband keeps asking when it will be a blanket and my answer is always when i master scarves!!!

    and yes weird al is insanely talented…

  4. I introduced my kids to Weird Al at an early age.

  5. Everyone should watch Weird Al videos. That’s great entertainment!

  6. LOL! Your kids have a great mom! 🙂
    My knitting skills are not even as good as yours! 🙂

  7. lol Weird Al makes me laugh 🙂

  8. We love some Weird Al in this house.

  9. I took a knitting class a few years ago. My product looks a lot like yours. 🙂

  10. Loved Dr. Demento!

    Granny’s in the cellar, Oh Lordy can’t you smell her
    Burning biscuits on her darned ol dirty stove?
    In her eye there is a maater that keeps drippin’ in the batter
    And she whistles while the [sniff] runs down her nose ….