Musical Monday: Taking care of business

Eight times over the course of the past 7 weeks, I have taken someone (myself and/or one of the boys) to an appointment with a doctor or dentist.  Not a single one has been for illness; these are just routine health care visits.
Next up? The cat needs her annual exam.

Gotta love Weird Al:
(Darn Vevo. You’ll have to click through. Trust me, it’s worth it!)


11 responses to “Musical Monday: Taking care of business

  1. Does it bring you back to those “Well-Baby” visits from when they were little?…The kids, I mean, not the cat. Although bringing an animal to the Vet is pretty close to a “Well-Baby” visit…can be just as harrowing…especially with a cat.

  2. Tell me about it!
    It seems I’m missing at least one student out of every class, every period and every day due to appointments with the dentist or the like.
    Glad I’m not the Mom, though!

  3. Routine visits to the doctor? Not my thing. haha

    Love Weird Al though!

  4. Couldn’t play the video.. .but Al is usually funny, so I*ll just use my imagination!

  5. Ah well they won’t allow viewing of the video here in Canada but I’m surprised you didn’t opt for a little BTO considering your post title. 😉

  6. Ah, the things I’m learning from your family. Shoes with toes in them, Bluegrass, and now Weird Al. I think that not having grandchildren or grand nieces and nephews has kept me back in the dark ages.


  7. i can relate to the doc visits…sigh.

  8. This puts a smile on my face….love your love for Al…oh the joys of doctor appointment…glad it’s just check up’s and not illness. Happy Monday! XX

  9. Ugh. I hate when all the appointments pile on top of each other.

  10. Ugh, another reminder that I really need to make a dentist appointment for myself haha!

    Couldn’t view the video because I live in Canada… too bad.

  11. Have you compared Amish Paradise with the original Gangster Paradise? That is my absolute favorite.