More than a dusting

It’s a good thing I love snow, because this is what we received in less than 8 hours yesterday. While many folks were trying to drive home from work. And the highways were closed because of accidents.

My cat hadn’t been outside for DAYS and she got all excited when I opened the back door for a photograph. It didn’t take long for her to change her mind. It turns out that sitting on the heat vent is the best way to spend her winter.

What's that? Cleo outside... brieflyCleo says, I'm coming in!On Monday it was so cold that the rhododendron leaves were curled up as tightly as possible (apparently they don’t like 15F). Wednesday morning they were dripping with freezing drizzle. When that stopped, I rushed out to Costco for another 5 gallons of milk (we were down to our last half-gallon) and eggs (down to the last 3) and bread (we went through an entire loaf at lunch yesterday).

For some idiotic reason, businesses that employ thousands of people did not allow them to go home at lunchtime yesterday. At 3pm or so, when the THUNDERSNOW hit (real word, people), everyone thought, Oh, I’d better head home before it gets bad. Unfortunately, it was already bad. And then it got worse. Many people were stuck in traffic for 7 or 8 hours. Roads closed. Cars died. Traffic did not move.  I was so very grateful that my husband had previously scheduled to take the day off. That way he was here to fill the bird feeder…

… and shovel snow.  😛
Waiting now for the snowplow to dig out our neighborhood. It might be a while.

School has been out for a couple of days now (one of those days was the semester break). With everyone at home –and it being newsletter week as well– I am terribly behind on writing and reading blogs. I hope return to normal by next week.

16 responses to “More than a dusting

  1. Abby-normal?

  2. as you know… i’m well aware of just how bad the stupid commte was yesterday! i wish i’d stayed home :\

  3. Wow! It is a good thing you like snow! Enjoy being snowed in and thankfully your stuck at home instead of being stranded some place else. We are actually enjoying a heat wave here today and the 20’s!!!! Suppose to get some snow but not a lot…then it’s suppose to get super cold again…would rather it snowed! Take care!

  4. You folks sure got hit pretty hard. My cat always thinks he wants to go out (he’s an indoor cat but ventures out a wee bit in warmer seasons) but one look at snowy or even wet pavement and he’s all “ewwww.” Gotta love felines. Lovely shots, KC.

  5. Now I know what it´s like with “everyone home”. It´s so hard to focus on blog writing, I just can´t seem to do it. I´m glad you didn´t have to be in this storm. Wow! That is a LOT of snow!

  6. wow!!! That’s a LOT of milk & bread!

  7. Rather you than me.
    Sorry about that, but we’ve been there, done that already this winter.

    It’s nice to have clear roads for the moment.
    I have shopping to do.

    Keep warm and well fed.

  8. Wow! I hope your roads get cleared before you run out of milk again 😉 Silly cat, at least he stepped out though, mine wouldn’t even do that and it’s much warmer here and he has much more fur!

  9. Well it’s lovely in pictures, for sure!

  10. That’s a lot of snow! Never had thunder and snow before over here… Our dog loves snow, so we’re out in it all the time.

    Great pics! – Oh, and happy shovelling…

  11. that sounds so familiar!!!! and then the weather man said that storm was only going to dump 4-6 inches, but that turned into 14-16 inches, on top of the two plus feet we already have! Fantastic!

  12. I wanna go stay with you for a while…just let me hang by the vents with the cat…I’ll be happy

  13. I have had a migraine since Wednesday night. I felt better yesterday afternoon and went out, but came home running a fever. I have been ordered to do nothing this weekend but relax — by both my mate and our Pastor. Pastor said the newsletter can just be a couple of days late this month and people can “get over it”.

  14. Oh! I also meant to say — you ordered that snow! Don’t you know by now to be careful what you ask for? (I am glad all your loved ones were safe.)

  15. Holy cow. That’s a lot of snow. I’d like to spend the winter on a heat vent, too!