“Pssst! Phil, it’s not worth it!”

They closed school this morning for freezing drizzle, so I put myself in a 3 hour time-out until I could safely be around children. They had school last Monday, then no school the rest of the week. They had school yesterday (Monday) and right not it isn’t looking promising for tomorrow. We live in the path of the ice storm.  (I just got back from this week’s emergency milk run.)

If the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow, it will be due to camera lights and flash bulbs.

13 responses to ““Pssst! Phil, it’s not worth it!”

  1. I forgot all about tomorrow being Groundhog’s Day. If he’s smart, he’ll just stay in his hole. I know that I am!

  2. Whatever the name of ours is, he should see the sun here 😉 Of course, there are still 6 mores weeks of winter, no matter how you look at it. Stay safe in the ice and try not to hurt any of your kids 😉

  3. Oh joy.. no school. I remember those days. Hang in there!

  4. We seem to close for every little thing, but I suppose it’s better to keep kids off icy sidewalks.

  5. My daughter in Chicago said they expected the blizzard to be “life-threatening.” That is some blizzard.

  6. Oh the joy…lol…glad you took that time out…sometimes you have to just step away for the safety of everyone…lol! Hang in there!

  7. If Phil sees his shadow tomorrow he’ll just freeze it off and that’ll be that forever after.

  8. Glad I´m safe and sound in our HOT Chaco. Stay warm and safe!

  9. snow snow go away come again … never!

  10. How do they make up for lost time in school? Is it up to the students to do that on their own, or…
    I feel for you though, cooped up at home with under-stimulated teenagers!

  11. LOL! We’re down in that bright green part! My kids (and hubby) keep PRAYING for snow and Ice! I keep winning!