Friday 5: Communication

There are some things that we only share amongst a few understanding friends, like the following text messages saved on my phone:

1. “There are some things we never tell our children … Like about the stinkbug that just fell onto the hot griddle next to their blueberry pancakes”    [28 January 2011]

2. “At elementary school sing-along and the dreidl song had a country western beat. Oy vey!”   [22 December 2010]

3. “Calm winds here … Except the ones created by black bean soup.”   [01 February 2011]

And some things that are too sweet to not share:

4. “______’s brother Johnny was just elected Homecoming King. Gotta love a school that elects a kid with Downs Syndrome.”  [09 October 2010]

And then there are things that need to be shared:

5. I encourage you to go read Leah’s account of leaving Egypt over at The Goat’s Lunch Pail.  (Leah is the cousin of The Bag Lady and Reb)
**Please note that I love Canada and my Canadian friends. It’s the lack of governmental response and obvious lack of concern for its citizens that we are criticizing. **


15 responses to “Friday 5: Communication

  1. LOL. I love the texts. As long as the bug didn’t fall into the pancake, it is all good!

  2. The whole Egypt thing is terrifying. We were stationed in Sicily not too long ago, and going to Egypt was a popular way to spend part of our winter break. I never managed to get there – and now who knows when!

  3. The stinkbug probably can’t eat more than one of the blueberries so it should be okay. 😉

  4. ROFLMAO @ #3 :=-)

  5. You have stink bugs over there too? Maybe you can tell me how they get into a two story office building? Do they climb stairs? 🙂
    Funny text´s!

  6. Oh, that’s too cute!

  7. As for #1 – a little extra protein never hurt anyone 😉
    #3 goes well with #1 – lol
    #4 is great, but, did you have to mention the dreidl song!

    Thanks for the link love 😉

  8. LOL These are some great text messages…a stink bug…too funny…I guess a little extra protein wouldn’t hurt huh…lol…hurray for Johnney getting elected to be king…what a relief that her and her husband made it out and back home…what is going on over there is very scarey! Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend…hope the weather has settled down for you too! XX

  9. “… a few friends … ”


    These were a lot of fun, and heartwarming, to read.

  10. I have done enough camping that a bug near the food is trauma free, and most bugs in the foods aren’t great concern, either. Just toss that bite out and keep eating.

  11. We have American friends that got out–I believe the government was very helpful.

  12. The texts are hilarious. Thanks for sharing these. 🙂

  13. ROFLMBO!!! You are just toooooo funny, my friend! WE need to get together!

  14. Love the heartwarming news about the Homecoming King. As for Leah’s Account of Leaving Egypt, that has a biblical sound to it. I read it several days ago in fact but was too stunned to leave a comment.