You decide

Inspired by Janet , who often posts something called “What is it Wednesday” where she crops a picture down and has us guess what it is (the entire subject, not just the tiny bit you can see).

So here’s mine for today:

What is it?


14 responses to “You decide

  1. Wires for a hi def TV??

  2. I think you have me stumped…my first instinct is to say it is some electronic like a tv or old computer with cords hooked up to other things but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong. 🙂

  3. telemetry/ekg wires for heart

  4. pretty wires!!!! and what it looks like behind out tv!

  5. Some kind of wires!

    What did I win??? haha 😉

  6. Makes me think of all the wires they hook up to your head for a sleep study.

  7. That is the information highway – wires behind your desk for your computer and all it’s peripherals.

  8. Wires behind some electronic device (TV, stereo).

  9. It’s gotta be the computer and all its wires to various things.

  10. Or a jumble of unbent paper clips

  11. Those appear to be wires…or…hair sprouting from a Borg’s head! Either or…

  12. I think it’s the wires to some sort of video game thing. No?

  13. That’s a lot of wires! Maybe coming out of a DVD player or something similar?

  14. Is that one of those kid toy things where the balls glide and slide along the wires?