Friday mish-mash

It’s been a busy week:

1. SuperDad played the part of a famous international lover when he acted as Master of Ceremony at the church Valentine dinner last Saturday night. Truly, he performed wonderfully and people are still talking about it.  My introverted husband is having a difficult time fading back into obscurity (his dearest wish).

2. SnakeMaster had his first piano lesson on Tuesday and loved it. Yay!
We continued the music theme for the day with a band and orchestra concert that evening;  Humorous-Juniorous performed with the wind ensemble.  This was a “pre-festival” concert, playing the pieces they will perform for judges at the end of the month.

3. I’ve now been to 3 knitting group meetings and have graduated to the purl stitch.  Or rather, I’ve been taught to do this stitch and I seem to make fewer mistakes with it.  (When left alone with a knit stitch, I start by casting on 20 loops and end up with 40… I can’t really explain why, but it sure looks strange.)  However, my right shoulder, arm, and elbow has been hurting ever since Wednesday evening. I think I might have a knitting injury. How pitiful is that?

4. It was 60° F (16°C) last night at 10pm. Today we are supposed to reach 72°F  (22°C).  I’m pretty sure this will melt the remainder of our snow.  Time to get out in the garden and prune some of the plants. Do you think they know it’s still February?

5. I’ll be up early in the morning tomorrow. I’m headed up to NYC to see Mamma Mia! with 3 friends.  😀  I can’t begin to express the excitement of this trip, especially since it came together so quickly and easily…  “For one night, and one night only!”


10 responses to “Friday mish-mash

  1. Oh, lucky you! I would love to make such a trip with friends, but we just can´t seem to make our schedules work.
    It´s really warming up where you live. Amazing, since it is only Feb.

    Have a fun trip!

  2. Good news all! Have a fantastic trip.

  3. Can you feel my jealousy throught the computer….lol…snow almost all melted…we still are deep in snow and just seen on the news we are to get measurable snow on Sunday…oh joy…have a wonderful time seeing the play…sounds like fun! Happy weekend!

  4. oh man, i know EXACTLY how you’re ending up with 40 stitches, but i don’t know that i can explain it in writing…!

  5. I’ve always thought it would be fun to take piano lessons. I guess your never too old to learn though, right? Of course, I would probably need a piano first. 😉

  6. I’ll be waving at you from forty short blocks away. Have a lovely visit!

  7. Wow, sounds like you are all busy. Watch that shoulder and elbow, sounds like repetitive stress and you don’t want them to freeze up on you – trust me! Take regular breaks and rotate your shoulders – do full circles with your arms. Mostly though – enjoy your trip to NYC 😉

  8. 72.. wow.. I’m envious! Have a great time in NY. I saw Mama Mia in Boston about 8 ish years ago. It was great fun.

  9. I’ve just realized why I love reading your blog…it is because you fully embrace life..and live it to the full..and that makes it a lovely place to visit…

  10. No fair that you get great weather and a great time all at once! Pick one or the other lady and share with everyone else.