And the Winner is…

On Wednesday I posted this cropped picture and asked you

“What is it?”

And here is the photo from which it was cropped:

KCINNOTX was the first to guess correctly: “Makes me think of all the wires they hook up to your head for a sleep study.”

This was me several weeks ago. Four of those wires were attached to my legs and the rest were taped or glued to my head and neck.  Once I was completely wired, they added the sleep apnea mask. I’m pretty sure I looked like a Star Wars character.

I’m off to play this weekend — no wires or box to plug them into, but I will have my breathing machine to provide “white noise” for my roomies.

9 responses to “And the Winner is…

  1. I’m looking at the size of the bed–my sleep study would show me getting no sleep in it–after 25 years of a king size I am way spoiled.

    I know you’re having fun!

  2. I’d think you’d be too wired to sleep. 😉

    Enjoy your play time!

  3. LOL @ Hilary’s comment…have a fun weekend of play!

  4. Hilary is so witty! Enjoy the weekend…

  5. OMG! For Hubby’s second sleep study they hooked him up to the C-Pack machine. He ‘hated-double-dog-down’ hated it. He said it was so tight on his face. And, that it wasn’t like scuba diving (he’s certified; S. TX? Go figure) and he said it instead forced a stream of oxygen into his mouth/throat.

    But, he did talk to his doc about the alternative options we have heard of. His doctor had not heard of the ‘adnoid surgery’ procedure and is researching that.

    YeaY! Hubby said he would/will not use a c-Pack machine. Personally? White noise, snore free? I welcome it.

  6. I love my C-PAP! Thanks to it I have a life. My sleep apnea is so bad that I was pretty much always in the twilight zone, neither awake nor asleep, by the time the docs discovered what was wrong with me!

  7. You look sooooo comfortable and happy to be all wired up (and photographed in your jammies)! I wouldn’t be able to sleep just knowing someone was monitoring me. I have a hard time when I am in hospital (not that they keep you anymore).

  8. I love your pants!