Thankful Thursday Thirteen


Shanghai juicy dumplings

Pea leaves

Shanghai lo-mein

7 responses to “Thankful Thursday Thirteen

  1. Yummy! Now I´m so hungry!

  2. Love the matching t-shirts! Must go eat now 😉

  3. I’m drooling, here! Love the photo of the green tea clink and the dumplings. Too bad about the headache.

  4. thank god i’m so stuffed right now i can barely move (binged on pizza). Those pictures look good enough to eat!

  5. Now I am hungry! I am already having withdrawl issues here on this island where there is no decent Asian cuisine! Thanks a lot! NOT!

  6. The Aleve just cracked me up–every time I’ve ever been to NYC I’ve needed it for my aching feet. It’s a sign of a good time!

  7. Wow, what great photos!!!