Friday 5: Blessings (when Boring is Good)

Betty wrote about blessings a few days ago, and I thought I’d do the same here. Her post started with the thought that she didn’t have anything to blog about — life was good, but possibly boring. That certainly rang a bell!

1. Life with my husband

“You are the perfect woman for me because you’re so incredibly dull.”

My husband actually said this a few months ago. Oh yes, he did! I wrote it down and told him I was going to blog it,  so he decided it would be best to clarify his statement…

a)  Dull is good when the man is an introvert.. It makes the wife easier to live with and less expensive (AKA, low maintenance).
b) Dull is more comfortable to live with… the home is for serenity, safety, and comfort.

We do lead a somewhat dull life. We rarely go out and we rarely host a get-together, but we have comfortable and pleasant times at home together.  My dh used to say that I was “cheap to keep” — he has tempered that into the more palatable “low maintenance.”

2. Girls’ Night Out... or perhaps I should call it Girls’ Night In
There is a small group of us that are getting together on a semi-regular basis at one person’s home. For the cost of a box of hair color (bring your own) and a bottle of wine to share, I had my hair colored, cut, and styled a few weeks ago.  While this blessing isn’t at all boring, it does keep me rather low-maintenance… how many women get a color, cut, and style for under $25?

3. The DVR and on-demand television
I’m not a big TV watcher, but it sure is nice to know that I can record a show and have it on-hand to watch whenever I feel like it! (This is something we will probably give up as an “unnecessary expense” when my husband retires.)

4. Hanging out with family
On any average night, you will find us sitting around the dining room table talking over supper for at least 45 minutes.  On Friday nights, we normally have “find dining” while watching a show we recorded on TV. Wipeout is the favorite for all ages.

5. Friendship
There were 4 of us squeezed into a NYC-sized hotel room last Saturday night, two of whom had never met before Saturday morning. After the show, we stopped at a deli for some hot soup and then came back to the hotel. We had planned to change into something warmer and go back to Times Square to people watch. Instead, we changed into pajamas and talked in the dark until long after 3AM. 

12 responses to “Friday 5: Blessings (when Boring is Good)

  1. With two introverts at my house we must be REALLY dull – but I agree – it’s actually a GOOD thing. “Being content” is what my husband calls it.

  2. My husband would love for me to be more “low maintenance” !! 🙂
    Find dining….I like that term. Sounds really easy going.

  3. LOL. No one would ever call me dull, but if they did I’d sock them! I love this list. And I love the idea of your family hanging around talking at the dinner table. That is something I don’t ever get.

  4. We’re kind of like that here, but we call it content instead of dull!

  5. i love the “find dinning” my phrase for fridays is more “fend for yourself/feed yourself friday!”

  6. Your life sounds wonderful!

  7. I remember the days of sitting around the dinner table talking and getting the dictionary (or encyclopaedia) if there was something said that one of us kids didn’t understand. Oh, yes, we had to learn if we spoke up 😉
    Nothing wrong with being dull and low maintenance.

  8. Dull! I remember being called “bulky” once. It was his way of avoiding saying “fat” when I wore my first maternity top at all of 125 lbs of me (that was a long time ago). “No you don’t look pregnant.. just… bulky!”

  9. I always wished for sitting around the table talking…I have that with Dave 🙂

    And I’m ‘boring’ myself! Or low maintenance. Or no drama. Whichever sounds best 🙂

  10. I don’t know that I would label Amoeba and I as “boring” but we certainly are easily contented. Amoeba has also called me “low maintenance” and rather than dull he called me “refreshing” because I prefer thoughtful gifts over expensive ones.

    This quiet life suits me well. Other folks can have the drama!

  11. I love this post. We would make great neighbors.

  12. Life with your husband sounds remarkably similar to my life with the Wifester, except our kids are furry and have four legs 😉