Yeah, it feels like that

I have joined the sandwich generation and will likely be absent from blogging much of this month.  Please don’t feel badly if I don’t get around to visit you!

15 responses to “Yeah, it feels like that

  1. I think that´s a good idea. I may do it too. Have fun in your free time!

  2. Gotcha. Best wishes and see ya later!

  3. Good luck. I know how the sandwich feels.

  4. Oh Mama! Good luck. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

  5. Oh, hang in there!

  6. That is sad. If you haven’t got the time left for a little ‘me-time’ at your computer then things must be hard. Get some of your family to help.

    Good luck. I once was the filling in a sandwich, but now am no longer. Which is also sad because it means that sooner of later I will become a slice of bread for others.

  7. I hope all will be well. Take care, KC. And no worries about blog visit.

  8. Good luck with juggling it all–I know it is tough.

  9. Don’t forget to take the time to take care of the caregiver! You’re in my prayers.

  10. Best wishes & Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  11. Best wishes to you and yours!

  12. THIS is what I get for finally stopping by? I get TEMPTED by a grilled cheese? NO FAIR! (oooohhhh I suppose I deserve it for being always away anymore….) So FAR away apparently that I haven’t even heard the news about you MOVING? I think you need to email me! 🙂

  13. Ah, but what a delicious sandwich it is!!

  14. I’m going to be missing you everywhere!! And, now I want an ewy gooey, cheesy, yummy, grilled cheese sandwich.

  15. So sorry, that’s a lot. So far we’ve been very lucky with all of the parental units in good health thus far.